No matter if it is sunny, cloudy, or rainy, surfing “addicts” never miss a chance to jump on those waves. From the first moment, they have felt them and no matter what happens in the future, they changed their view of the ocean and are surfers forever. Everything becomes alluring and reminds them of the thrill they get when on waves, from a simple surfboard on the rack of a car or if somebody is talking about it. 

The question is what is so intoxicating in it that calls people to try it out, let alone make it a part of the everyday lifestyle? A lot of things would be a short answer, but in this article, four reasons will be covered and will hopefully explain what attracts newcomers to this sport. 

Desire To Know Things

Many people that become interested in surfing are keen to know everything. After all, this sport is much more than just catching a wave and learning how to paddle. They want to know all there is about types of surf breaks, tides, wave types, and so on. 

Surfing has its own culture and history and becoming a part of that culture is one of the highlights for every newcomer. The best way to learn is to go to surfing lessons. You can find professionals in any town that has access to wavy waters, such as Santa Barbara. You can look online for Santa Barbara surf lessons if you live nearby, but learning to surf here might not be a bad idea even for those of you who live a bit further away. Firstly, make an educated decision on which ones are the best for you and then go and learn. The more knowledge you gain, the more self-satisfaction you will get in return. This especially goes if you are able to preserve the challenging lessons. 

The majority of these lessons will make you feel like you are a part of the community and will open you up, as much as other people, to respect nature and the environment in a way you have not experienced before. There are surfers whose main goal is to win the battle against the waves, while there are those that just want to connect with the ocean and their surroundings. 

Bonding With Others

Being surrounded by your loved ones is even more special when learning how to surf. There are camps that surfing enthusiasts go to, where they attend classes. There, they would not only train with the ones that are most experienced and have fun while learning, but their friends and family would be able to share the same excitement as they would. Studying all there is to know about surfing with your significant other, family member, or friend is an excellent bonding experience


One of the reasons why so many people decide to start surfing is quite simple and yet never comes to mind. It is just really fun. There is nothing more enjoyable than combining water with the sun while having some physical activity. Even though surfing itself can be frustrating for beginners, just like learning any new skill would, those moments on the warm beach can put in shadow those bad feelings. 

When catching a great wave, a sensation like no other can overwhelm you and make you feel blissful. The whole atmosphere, especially if it is in presence of people that you find dear is even more pleasant. When beginners come to that level that they can finally ride the waves properly, all these things together make an epic experience that will last for a lifetime. 

Sense of Freedom

Yet another reason why this activity is so inviting is the sense of freedom. The sensation of water against you as you wait for the next wave on your surfboard can be peaceful and lighten up your day. 

For example, imagine yourself paddling away from shore on your board, leaving your problems away or waiting for a perfect wave on the open sea, gaining an insight into your own day-to-day life. These are situations that make surfers free, even if there is nothing lurking “underneath the surface”, but it is simple relaxation in the water while floating by. 

Hard Work Is Always Rewarded

Have in mind that learning how to surf will be hard. At some point you may feel overwhelmed or even frustrated, however, that is more than normal. This kind of experience will be forgotten and “washed off” in time as soon as you start being better. Through perseverance and enough practice, these hard moments will be overcome. As soon as they do, you will see the fruit of your hard work and will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.