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4 Tips to Remember for Your Car Roof Lining

ByDave Stopher

May 15, 2021

The car roof lining is a fabric that is put on the inner side of the car roof. Other than giving a nice finish to your car, it also controls the noise from outside. The roof linings generally get dirty over time with nail paints, fingerprints, oily hands, or liquid spill stains. The roof linings are a good accessory, but they have a negative attached to them that is they start to sag with time hence making the car look dirty. This article will read about the tips to keep the roof linings and prevent them from sagging.


Avoid parking in the sun.

There are fewer parking spaces under the shade in today’s situation because of the increasing deforestation and construction. It isn’t easy to find a spot under the shade to park your vehicle, but that is important to prevent your car roof lining from sagging. The heat is bad for the adhesive as it melts down and loosens the bond between the roof board and the fabric; therefore, try and look for a parking space that is not in the sun.

The sagging from the UV rays starts at the front side of the vehicle, where the roof and windshield meet. It is easy to fix a sagging roof in the vehicle with the use of a few commonly available materials. Also, you do not necessarily have to remove the roof and then work on the sagging fabric; there are easier ways to get done with the sagging in your car without removing the roof.

Steam cleaner for rejuvenating the glue

The heat from the steam cleaner will melt the adhesive resulting in regained effectiveness of the glue. After you are done cleaning, push the fabric back to the roof using a roller to secure it in the right place. Using a paint roller will also assist in keeping the roof lining wrinkle-free, smooth and give a decent look to it. Though this method is a temporary fix because the glue may lose its effectiveness in the later stages, it can still save you from spending money on a small portion of sagging roof lining.

Use a Foaming cleaner to clean up the car roof.

The car roofs get dirty with oil, liquid spill stains, dirt, and so many other things. The focus is generally on cleaning the mat, seats but the car roof is not cleansed or paid attention to unless it starts sagging. But it is not a good idea; car roofs also need to be cleaned as the oil and other stains may develop harmful bacteria that can affect the health or cause skin problems to people using the vehicle.

Use a foaming cleanser to remove dust, oil, and other stains from the roof. You need to put the foam spray, use a bristle brush to rub the fabric, and remove those stains. Ensure not to put unnecessary pressure on the fabric as it may get damaged and may loosen. After you are done rubbing the cloth with the brush, use a vacuum cleaner to cut away the residue and leave it all dry and sparkling clean.

Always remove the bad smell from the roof lining.

The car roof lining is prone to get dirty and becomes a home to bacteria and fungus that might grow if not cleaned regularly. Ensure to remove that smell from the lining using a deodorizer available in the market, or you may even make your own at home.

To make yours at home, you will need one portion of water, mix 1/4th portion white vinegar with one tablespoon baking soda. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, wet a microbial cloth with it, and dab the roof lining. It is suggested to use a vacuum later on to suck any residue of baking soda or others.

Final words

The car roof lining is a great thing but requires a good amount of care to sustain. The points mentioned above are helpful to keep your vehicle from smelling bad and sagging. Though they are common issues with small efforts, you can save yourself a lot of money and, of course, have a healthy car.