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4 Trends that have Revolutionised the Way We Eat


Apr 2, 2019 #Deliveroo

In the UK, we love food. From fish and the chips to roast dinners, there are endless options when it comes to getting an exciting culinary experience. However, the way that we consume this food is changing, and now there are many different ways in which we eat and buy our food. Here is a compilation of some of the services which will change the way that we eat.

Home Delivered Diet Plans

Where once diets were something you had to stick to yourself, there is now a range of options to help people achieve their weight loss goals and stick to their plans. From diet clubs to the healthy ready meals sold in supermarkets, the range of options to help people who are dieting are endless. However, one of the most recent of these is the opportunity to invest in home-delivered diet plans. If you have ever wanted the ease of having diet food delivered, this is now possible, with brands such as Result Plan giving you the option of having a tailored meal plan brought straight to your front door, encouraging you more than ever to stick to your diet.

Unique and Themed Restaurants

If you are partial to an evening at a restaurant or café, there has been a recent boom in new restaurants that pride themselves on being unique. Whether this is through their unusual food products or interesting restaurant themes, cafes now use popular gimmicks that help to draw in customers and give them more of an experience. For instance, cat cafes give you the option of playing with your favourite animals while you eat and drink, charging you an amount of money to enter the café and spend time with the cats.

Takeaway Services

Although takeaways are not a new concept, the types of food that you can get delivered to your home are extensive, such as ice cream through apps such as Deliveroo. It has never been easier to order food, with a tap of your phone allowing you to order food instantly to your door. Additionally, you can now get restaurant food from popular chains delivered to you, rather than having to visit the eatery itself.

Social Media

However, social media is a big aspect of why we are deciding to change the way that we eat and where. Social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of restaurant food and people’s dinners, and these trends are influencing people to visit certain places and buy certain products. Many restaurants are now deciding to utilise this to their advantage, with many running campaigns in which you will receive free food if you tag the restaurant in a social media post.

Although we have to eat to survive, there are many ways in which the way we consume food is changing beyond recognition. From the latest fast-food trends to how we diet, the world of food is continually evolving to meet our needs and our consumer habits.

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