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4 Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Home Extension

ByDave Stopher

Oct 18, 2020 #property

We’re now beyond the winter solstice and the days will get longer and longer as the year goes on. Natural light will now be on offer for longer, and if you’ve got a renovation project planned for 2019, we have the lowdown on how to make the most of the sunlight on an extension. North East home improvement firm Premier Roof Systems explains…

Whether you are adding an extension or refurbishing one, it’s always an exciting process filled with anticipation at what your new and improved space can do for you and your family.

There are key decisions that must be made in order to best use the space, and when it comes to the overall feel of the extension, the means by which you let in natural light is absolutely crucial.

There are a range of options to choose from beyond standard windows in the wall — and with extended parts of the house, the roof is a key asset that can be made use of.

Here, we’ll explain four options you have when renovating or building an extension that will help your home feel more comfortable, increase its value, and become an overall better space.

1. Pitched Roof Windows — Easy and Cost-Effective

Pitched roof windows are the simplest option for glazing parts of your roof. Well-know brands like Velux lead the market here, but looking beyond the obvious names in the market could pay dividends and save you money without you having to compromise on quality.

Windows in the roof means you will get more light into the room below than if you simply have standard vertical windows. This is because the angle of the glass is pointed towards where more of the sun is. The effect this has can really improve the airiness of a room.

If you’re building a new extension, you can instruct your contractors to add these windows in during the build process, but if you’re completing home improvement works yourself, pitched roof windows are not actually all that difficult to install for the confident DIYer.

There are plenty of guides on how to fit Velux windows, and the job itself should only take a few hours to complete.

2. Conservatory Roof Replacement

If you have a conservatory, chances are you haven’t been using it all that much over the winter months. Conservatories are notoriously hard to heat, as their glazed exterior conducts heat totally differently to a tiled roof or properly insulated wall.

The average lifespan of a conservatory is anything between 10 and 30 years — a lot depends on maintenance once the conservatory is built, as well as the materials and build quality of the structure itself. Certainly, most conservatories will need a lot of work doing to bring them up to modern standards if they are even a decade old.

There are many small ways to upgrade a conservatory, whether it’s by replacing individual panes of glass or resealing problem areas in the uPVC framework. However, the best way to get better results from your conservatory in terms of energy efficiency is to get a conservatory roof replacement.

What this entails is the complete fitting of a new insulated and tiled roof. Natural light is still let in through roof windows — in just the same way as the above example, using pitched roof windows. However, the overall feel of the room is changed completely with a fully insulated roof cavity.

You’re able to keep the heat in more easily, and your extension becomes a place that you can spend time in through the winter as well as the summer.

3. Roof Lanterns Are a Newly Popular Option

Traditional roof lanterns are an option that — quite surprisingly, given the “traditional” description — can bring some contemporary class to an extension. These structures flood the room with light from all angles, as they stick out from the roof section.

Geometric shapes cast interesting shadows into the room below when a roof lantern is installed and can make for a really interesting architectural feature or centrepiece.

A roof lantern can be added while building an extension or fitted in the process of a refurbishment. Although they can be fitted by the avid DIYer, unless you know what you’re doing, we would recommend finding a professional to get a roof lantern put into place on your extension.

4. Install a Flat Rooflight

Flat rooflights are the ultimate in sleek and stylish design, and if you have an extension with a flat roof, adding a flat window could really make the room special.

There are many options when it comes to flat glazing — even the option to install a walk-on flat rooflight, which gives you a space above the extension that can be used as a terrace.

You could create a fun space to spend time in during the summer for relaxing with family or friends, with a really interesting feature on the floor to wow your guests with.

If you’re looking to improve or build an extension, there is a huge variety of choice available with regards to the glazing. Make sure you’ve explored everything available to you before committing to a single idea, and get ready for a special summer.

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