The goal of any good business is simple: provide an excellent product with flawless service. As a business owner, the challenge you face is to find the perfect balance between the two.

Of course, you’re always focusing on offering an attractive product or service; that’s what got you into the market in the first place. But how much are you focusing on improving the customer experience?

Ignore this area, and you may see a sudden drop in sales.

Follow our list of 4 ways to guarantee your customer has the best experience they can!

1. Must-Have Software for Call Centers

It can be difficult to track how each interaction goes when your business utilizes multiple employees for customer service via phone, like at a call center.

By investing in call center quality assurance software, you can be certain that all important data is being recorded. This software is finely tuned to allow unfettered insight into both your customers’ and agents’ experiences.

Request a demo to experience firsthand how these programs can help you improve your call center’s effectiveness.

2. Test CX with An Employee

The customer experience (CX) is often implemented with a narrow view of the process. If you only consider it from a business/operator experience, you’re missing out on the most important point of view involved: the customer’s.

This can be remedied if you simulate the CX with one of your employees. Have them undertake the process from beginning to end and report back on their experience.

An experienced employee will be able to observe any pain points that come up in the journey while also keeping in mind how your company can most effectively address them through software, editing, or client-customer interactions.

3. Specialize in Buyer Personas

Like putting an employee through your CX, you can understand what the ideal customer experience is by simulating it with buyer personas. Once you’ve defined the archetype of your customers, you can begin to create these personas.

These can be found and further defined by determining what your customer base is. Are you an online dating app appealing to middle-aged singles? Are you a restaurant with a specialty in family dining?

Create characters with everything from a name and personality traits to make them even more believable. Your customer base can and should include more than one archetype.

Keep these personas in mind when developing your ads and promotions through social media, SEO, and print ads.

4. Selective Customer Feedback

You need to be open and available for feedback from all of your customers, making submitting feedback online or in-person (if you have a physical storefront) simple and easy to find.

In addition, you should seek more substantial feedback from customers who have been your patron for some time. When you’ve developed a strong enough experience with them to have an honest conversation, you can get invaluable info.

Find out what works and why they’ve stayed with you over other businesses. If they are choosing to do business elsewhere, inquire what exactly the other service is providing them that you lack and what could be improved on your end to retain them.

Building A Better Customer Experience

You’ll always be perfecting your product, but your customer’s experience should always be improving too. Customer experience goes beyond receiving feedback, determining the best ways to collect good feedback, and deciding how it can best be incorporated.

Remember that you can always tweak the balance between customer service and your product, and customers will recognize a business that prioritizes their experience. If you want to be known for quality CX, keep this list of 4 ways to improve customer experience in mind this year.