As we have come to an era where we have big companies scattered all over the world. Microsoft has introduced a great way to organize the file of such big companies called Active Directory. Many large companies are using active Directory for a long time. Active Directory provides us with problems like irregular management of files, decentralized data repository, and many more.

Active Directory has many services like Reports, Domain Services, Certificate Services, and active directory phonebook. Active Directory provides us a great way to manage the network, and that is, by using namespace. Namespace means that directory names all the objects a name (series of symbols), which can be used for identification in the network. By these names, every node has its unique identity and can easily have information or interchange the information.

Directory service is an excellent service for centralizing file systems, file security, single sign-on, and many more. In this modern era, we find answers through digitalization and technology, and to manage the organization of files, Directory Service is a great solution. Active Directory provides services like active directory phonebooks, which helps us to read the data already stored on the network.

As we talked about how Directory Service is essential for the companies. Let’s talk about some tips to manage the Active Directory: –

  • Organizing: – The structure of your Active Directory and how it is organized is critical for a fruitful interchange of the files and excellent administration. With an organized Active Directory, it is to found the object. It would be best to have a perfect structured Active Directory, which is suitable for your organization. It increases the efficiency of the team.

  • Least-Privilege Principle: – When the Active Directory structure is finalized and created according to your organization. It would be best if you implied the least privilege principle. This principle states that you should give the users the exact amount of permission as they need. This is very important for the safety of your file. An excellent method of assigning the permission is that you should first divide the role in your organization accessing the Directory. Then you should assign the role to the users.

  • Self-Service Portal: – Time is significant, and it should not be wasted in humdrum activities such as changing personal information. It would help if you had a self-service portal where user can change the information about themselves. This a basic and effective solution for increasing the efficiency of your Active Directory.

  • Password Resets: – Most time-consuming thing is password changing. Most users forget their password, and much time is consumed by recovering the password. Time is money in this hectic and busy life, so organizations should have an SMS system in place of passwords when setting up the Active Directory. SMS system means that you enter the code sent on your work phone. Another option is that you have security questions.

Active Directory is a solution to problems like file organization, file security, and many more. Active Directory offers you services like active directory phonebook, Certificate Services, Domain Services, etc.