• Wed. May 29th, 2024

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4Louis Celebrates 10 years at Charity Event – Boost Given Thanks to Competition Win

North East charity that supports people through miscarriage, stillbirth and child loss has won a competition that will boost the fundraising no end at an upcoming event to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

4Louis is holding their annual ball, this year on 21st September at Rainton Meadows Arena, and it will have a Greatest Ball on Earth circus theme, with about 300 people attending.

Having seen a competition on social media from SK Click for one lucky event to win a photo experience package that boosts social media, fundraising, GDPR compliant data collection and fun, Kirsty McGurrell of 4Louis entered… and was randomly chosen as the winner!

Owner of SK Click, Kirsty Calvert, who has with her partner invested over £100,000 in unique photo experiences and mirrors, said:

“We had some amazing entries, all of which would have been excellent to be involved with, but we are delighted to be able to support the 4Louis ball with our cutting edge technology. We will be an added element of fun, but most importantly through the social media elevation and the compliant capture of data, we will help the charity maximise their fundraising opportunity.

“4Louis is such a worthwhile charity – I believe they have so far helped over 300,000 families who experience the loss of a child at some stage across the UK and that is to be respected massively, so we are really pleased they came out as the winners!”

4louis provide useful tools, equipment and training free of charge to hospital units, hospices and other professionals who sadly have the job of comforting grieving families who suffer a miscarriage, Stillbirth Neonatal or child death. The Sunderland based charity is well known for its memory boxes, cuddle cots and blankets and the support they give in funding many bereavement and family rooms from providing soft furnishings, kitchenettes, to full renovations, some of our projects have been funded by families in memory of their little ones.

Kirsty (Calvert) concluded:

“The package we are providing would have cost around £500 but charities who use the GDPR and social media benefits of our products at their events get that back so many times over. It is very satisfying to support this charity for free. We will have one of our newest products there, the SK Versa, which can be used as a static photo experience or as a hand held roamer. There are only 20 of these in release across the world at the moment as it is brand new, so we are very excited to unveil it at such a worthwhile event.”

Kirsty McGurrell of 4Louis said: “This is so brilliant and we are delighted to win. It will fit great with our circus theme and we are now even more excited for the Greatest Ball on Earth.”

Tickets can be bought at www.4louis.co.uk and more information on SK Click, and the impact they can have on your event, is available at www.skclick.co.uk.