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5 Different Methods To Make Your Teeth White Naturally

Almost everybody wants to have brighter, whiter teeth. A pristine-looking set of teeth conveys good health, which makes you more attractive. Studies have shown that more attractive people generally find more compatible mates, get higher-paying jobs, and are on average happier than those who are not conventionally attractive.

Fortunately, getting whiter teeth is something anyone can do to improve their appearance. The best part is that all-natural ways can do the trick, working to bring out your teeth’s natural brightness. There are also ways to whiten your teeth at dental clinics like Sharon Albright dental clinic if you’re interested in exploring those options as well

Here are the top natural ways to whiten your teeth. Incorporate these into your daily routine and you’re likely to see results in a few weeks.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common household product that most people underappreciate in terms of its health benefits and uses. The reason baking soda works so well to whiten teeth is that it naturally removes stains on the surface of the teeth left behind from food, coffee, cigarettes, or other debris. When you brush your teeth with baking soda, it removes a huge portion of the “junk” in your mouth, leaving behind your pearly whites.

This incredible product further promotes good oral health by establishing an alkaline environment that bacteria have difficulty thriving in, keeping the germs at bay that cause cavities, gingivitis, and other dental conditions.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another staple of most American kitchen cupboards that have applications for teeth whitening that most people are unaware of. The uniquely bitter flavor of apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is the high concentration of acetic acid. This is a powerful, natural acid that destroys the bacteria in the mouth that can cause yellowing or dull of the teeth. To practice this method, simply swirl some ACV around in your mouth for a few minutes each day, allowing it to work its bacteria-killing magic in your mouth and fortify your teeth against the constant onslaught of bacteria that threaten their function and appearance.

Eliminating or Reducing Harmful Foods

Getting your bright white smile back can be a perfect excuse for instituting the kinds of dietary changes that promote your overall health. Foods that darken teeth include coffee and soda, two products that many Americans consume entirely too much of. Sugar is an ingredient in many processed foods that can wreak havoc on a person’s dental health. Too much sugar intake has been linked to diabetes, arthritis, obesity, poor skin, and many other conditions. Sugar also creates a breeding ground in the mouth for bacteria, attracting them to a new food source. Cutting down on the amount of sugar in your diet can stave off cavities as well as keep your teeth healthy and white.

Try eating better by incorporating as many whole foods into your diet as possible and reducing your intake of processed foods like pastries, candies, sodas, and chips. A great guide for good eating is the Whole30 diet in which only whole foods are consumed for thirty days. You’ll likely notice a huge improvement in the way you feel and look, including your teeth.

Get More Calcium

The medical community has long known the important role that calcium plays in oral health. Unfortunately, many people do not get enough calcium in their diet. Great natural sources of calcium include dairy products, green vegetables, nuts, and soybeans. Getting enough calcium is especially important for children who require more while their teeth and bones are growing.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is actually an ancient medical practice incorporated from Indian traditions. The process is straightforward and consists of swishing around oil in the mouth for a few minutes at a time, allowing the oil to “pull” toxins and debris from the corners of your mouth where they often accumulate. Any oil is satisfactory for this process, but coconut oil is particularly preferred because of its unique, earthen aroma. The ancient Indians used sunflower oil primarily, but the choice of oil is up to each person and doesn’t ultimately matter for the therapeutic work of the oil in the mouth.

These steps are easy to implement into your daily routine, are relatively inexpensive or free, and legitimately work to whiten teeth, so Brisbane Dentistry highly recommends them. Getting a brighter set of teeth naturally is possible using these methods.


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