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5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

ByDave Stopher

Jun 13, 2018

Self-confidence is an important aspect of self-esteem and in some ways, your mental wellbeing. When you feel confident in your physical appearance, you’re more likely to feel better about who you are. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, people are now able to amend physical features they aren’t satisfied with and in some cases, fix and disfigurations that have come about as a result of accidents. There are certain procedures which happen to be more popular than others, and that could be because of different reasons. However, this article is going to focus on five in particular that seem to be most popular in 2018.

Breast Augmentation

In 2017 alone, there were at least 300,387 breast augmentations that were performed. Breast augmentations have always been popular procedures. However, the demand seems to have risen over the past year. The procedure which either consists of a breast implant or a fat graft mammoplasty approach to increase the size, change the shape, and alter the texture of the breasts of a woman is one that has been in high demand for years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Nose Reshaping

Amongst cosmetic surgery procedures, nose jobs happen to be some of the most popular in 2018. Nose reshaping is typically done to reshape the slope, sizing, and shape of the nose. Techniques vary, and the approach for male and female noses also differ. You should know, however, that there are risks and complications which could occur, especially as a result of medical negligence. If you ever experience such, you can claim for medical negligence by visiting the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk and contacting them for advice on how you can be compensated.


Liposuction is another form of leading cosmetic surgery that has grown in popularity with the number of procedures growing by twenty percent. This procedure in which excess fat is removed from different parts of the body means that people can quickly rid themselves of unwanted fat. Seeing as doing so makes it possible to remove fat without having to go through the sometimes long and difficult weight loss process, this is likely a reason it’s so popular.


Another popular cosmetic surgery procedure that seems to be on the rise is botox. With 7.23 million undergoing the procedure in 2017, it is definitely something that people seem to be drawn to. If you’re wondering how botox works, it’s a drug prepared from the bacterial toxin botulin, and it’s used to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. For the most part, people use it to retain a youthful look.

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is something that both men and women often struggle with. However, many are choosing to rid themselves of it by opting to get laser hair removal. It has been reported that 1.1 million people got laser hair removals done in 2017 which is a relatively high number of individuals. You can use companies like TouchUpLaser

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to their physical appearance. However, what’s important is that you’re satisfied with the end product and feel more confident about your look. If cosmetic surgery is what gives you the confidence you need, then you should ensure you choose a reputable and reliable surgeon to make your dream look a reality.