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5 Qualities Of A Proficient Process Agent For Your Transportation Business


Jun 10, 2020

Hiring an agent for service of process for your transportation agency is quintessential to ensure you can operate. But how do you select the right process agent. Here are five qualities to look for when you are hiring a process  Customs Brokers agent.

  1. They Must Be Responsive

Time plays a critical role when closing a substantial cross-border transaction, that is why responsiveness is the primary quality of an efficient process agent. Missing your target date for the SEC filing could spell disaster. In some instances, the fees for not closing or funding timeously can be substantial. You must hire process agent that is professional and that understands the importance of swift response when it comes to meeting your closing dates. The swiftness of their services directly influences receiving your acceptance documents on time to meet the conditions of your operative agreements as well as the responsibilities on your closing list.

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  1. Affordability

Process agent selection is a typical requirement necessitated by the lender on behalf of the borrower, lessor, guarantor, or filer, contingent on the bargained terms of a financial transaction. Just because you are necessitated to hire a process agent, does not mean you do not have to consider the cost. First get a quote from the process agents and make sure you understand the cost models provided. Just remember that process agent often charges extra fees for expediting delivery of acceptance or extra revision costs which can swiftly add up. You need to select process agents like royaltyspeed.com/services/process-agents that understands the overall costs is of utmost importance to a client, irrespective of the size of a cross-border transaction.

  1. The Process Agents Must Be Flexible And Attentive

The right process agent must offer customized and personalized service. Time is quintessential, as mentioned earlier, therefore, when engaging with your process agent, they must provide quick and transparent quotes for services and a model form of appointment letter. The process agent must also be able to customize invoice instructions and appointment agreement according to the requirements of your transaction. Hiring a process agent is a small portion of closing the transaction. The right process agent will ensure an appointment is as straightforward, transparent, and hassle-free as possible.

  1. The Agent Must Be Connection-Orientated, Prior To And After Closing

Hiring a process agent can sometimes be a quick process, but the relationship that is established lasts throughout the terms set by a transaction and often for many more transactions going forward. It is crucial that the agent you appoint have all the necessary qualities as mentioned in this article, particularly if you have multiple cross-border transactions that necessitate the services of an SOP agent. A connection-orientated process agent institution might, for instance, generate personalized master agreements that can be used for multiple deals, reducing documentation and boost efficiency across transactions.

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  1. The Process Agent Must Be Knowledgeable

A reputable and experienced agent must have an understanding of their responsibilities for a transaction, prior and after closing.


If you want to hire a proficient process agent service agency, it is essential that they embody the qualities as mentioned in this article. Find a trustworthy partner to work alongside you, who can assist you throughout the term of any given transaction and ensure it is a hassle-free process without unnecessary expenses.

By ozfetch