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5 Reasons Why Wear a Maternity Sports Bra

ByDave Stopher

Sep 11, 2020 #health

Maternity sports bras are a relatively new invention that is here to save moms the anxiety of choosing between functionality, style, and comfort. These bras will support you as you exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. But are they essential? Yes, they are, and here is why.

  1. Provide Extra Support for Tender Breast Tissue

During pregnancy, most women’s breasts expand due to the growing milk ducts and increased levels of progesterone. This might cause your boobs to swell and become painful when walking, leave alone exercising. As you may know, it is vital to work out for at least 30 minutes during pregnancy and postpartum to keep fit and healthy.

Sports bras can help you get through exercise with engorged breasts during pregnancy and provide you with a stylish, supportive, and functional option when nursing. They have wide cushioned straps that support your breasts’ weight and distribute it evenly across the shoulders. They also come in wire-free or flexible underwire varieties that provide that extra support without putting you at risk of mastitis or blocked ducts.

  1. Reduce Pain

Exercise may not be very desirable when your boobs are in pain. A good sports bra reduces breast movement, which decreases pain while doing any physical activity. A well-fitting one can help with back and neck pain. They are also designed so that they do not place any pressure on your delicate breast tissue. It is important to note that a worn-out bra does not offer sufficient support when working out; it can be counterproductive. Consider changing your sports bras at least every 6 to 8 months.

  1. Easy Breastfeeding Access

A good sports bra should make it very easy to breastfeed if you choose to, before and after exercise. They are here to make your life easier and ensure that you are comfortable and confident. Their moisture-wicking and breathable material not only helps with sweat but also takes care of slight leakage. Most come with removable padding and adjustable straps, one-handed drop-down cups, and discreet clips that make it easy to breastfeed. A bra with an allowance for expansion is also great because it can be worn during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  1. Helps to “Keep the Girls Up”

Participating in even mild physical activity makes your breasts bounce, which may potentially stretch the soft tissue in your breasts. The Coopers Ligaments are the support structures for the mammary glands and soft tissues that make up the breasts. These ligaments are delicate, which once stretched, they cannot bounce back. When the support structures are overstretched, they result in permanent breast damage and sagging. The best way to protect them is to ensure your breasts are well supported, especially during exercise. Your sports bra should be light to avoid making your milk filled breast heavier and limit movement to prevent stretching. No stretching also means no stretchmarks for you.

  1. They are All-Purpose

Well-fitted and comfortable maternity bras can be used at any time, not only when working out. When breastfeeding, you need a bra that will give you comfort and support at all times and some style. The adjustable bands and straps allow you to wear them through several stages of pregnancy and nursing. That’s because you can adjust them as your breast size changes during this period. Most of these bras are also made of breathable material that keeps you comfy and prevents chafing. There are lower impact sports bras with a stretchy band instead of the traditional hook and eye, which makes them perfect for yoga exercises. These also offer support when sleeping and help you avoid squashing and flattening the boobs. You can also get wire-free high-impact bras with convertible straps that give you leverage to wear any of your favorite fancy tops.

In closing

When you get yourself a stylish and high-quality sports bra, you will not want to take it off. You will find yourself wearing it as you do chores, run errands, sleep, and the best part you can pick any workout during and after pregnancy and keep your baby fed if you wish to breastfeed. Although your body is changing, a good bra that suits your new body will make you feel well supported, confident, and sexy.

Author’s Bio:

Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – lisa@lisaeclesworth.com or visit her website www.lisaeclesworth.com

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