Life is full of many unexpected changes, and not all of them are easy or pleasant to face. However, the help of a trusted family attorney can help with the process of messy situations such as divorce, custody disputes, or preparing a will should the worst come to pass. A family attorney is also there to help with life’s brighter moments, such as adoption, marriage, and filing the proper paperwork for a prosperous financial future. An attorney from is more than an advisor, but also an experienced navigator who will help to speed up the divorce process tremendously.

It may be an uncertain road ahead, but planning for whatever comes provides a sense of stability and peace of mind. A skilled family lawyer can help provide that security, often in ways most do not even consider.

Preparing a will, living will, or trust

No one likes to think about the end of life and the many decisions and responsibilities that come with such a tumultuous time in life. However, death is not something most are given the luxury of planning. Still, many adults postpone the grim task of filing a will and other paperwork, often leaving families not provided for in an adequate way or sending loved ones to court. A will, living will, trust, and instructions for handling of the estate is the only way to avoid these nasty problems. 

While too many would rather not address these tasks that force the issue of mortality in the mind, it’s actually one of the most responsible decisions and can provide tremendous peace of mind. Regardless of age, marital status, income, or health, every adult should have these documents in place.

Handling child custody, support, and visitation issues

When going through a divorce, many find their lives turned upside down, their bank accounts drained, and experience a type of frustration and hopelessness about the future. The more amicable a divorce, the sooner the healing process is able to begin for both parties. Issues of child custody, child support, visitation, and other choices for the welfare of a divorcing couple’s minor children are common reasons for stress, conflict, and prolonging the divorce process. 

Whether a couple is willing to work out the details in an amicable way or is in need of arbitration, a family attorney can make the process easier. An arduous courtroom battle or trusting the judge to sort things out should be the last option, for the sake of all involved in the process. Numerous studies prove that children fare better when both parents remain involved and amicable after a separation or divorce. Those who feel the love and support of both parents are more likely to succeed in life while maintaining healthy relationships as a family unit, even if remarriage and step-parents come into the mix.

Surviving a contentious divorce

Even without children in the picture, the decision to divorce is never an easy one. Hurt feelings and resentment often linger on both sides, and too many use the courts as an outlet to find compensation for pain and suffering. Aside from issues with custody and child support, the division of marital assets is an emotionally-charged process that can keep separated couples fighting in a courtroom for far too long. Wolfe & Stec provide clients with the counsel of highly trained attorneys in the field of family law. An attorney is more than an advisor, but also an experienced navigator who will help to speed up the divorce process tremendously.

Marriage, adoption, and family matters

Building a family is never easy, though it’s one of the most worthwhile undertakings in the lives of most adults. From handling prenuptial arrangements and settling financial matters before marriage to guiding prospective parents through adoption proceedings, a family lawyer is necessary. For many couples, a family lawyer becomes a trusted advisor throughout the years, someone who is always there and invested in the well-being of a growing, prosperous family. The joyful moments in life shouldn’t be tampered with the burden of financial concerns or stacks of paperwork needing to be filed properly. Delegating these tasks to a family lawyer is one way to keep focus on happiness, family, and well-being, where attention belongs.

Protecting the safety of home and finances

No matter how hard most of us try, the average adult is woefully underprepared when it comes to protecting family, home, and financial interests. With too many pitfalls, bad investments, and even con artists out there in the world, staying safe can seem like an overwhelming task. For many families, a trusted family lawyer will also serve as a basic financial manager, making sure your investments are handled properly and you’re not losing money through cracks and loopholes in the system. 

While the way each family manages day-to-day life varies greatly, the legalities and security of financial matters is a more black and white issue. At some point, it will become necessary to have a knowledgeable advocate who is familiar with your finances, investments, strengths, and weaknesses. A family lawyer is a wonderful way to protect the future by leaving as little chance as possible, making it easier when the time comes to buy a new home or car, send a child to college, or embark upon retirement.

There’s no doubt about it, the responsibilities that come with being an adult are not easy and they only get more complex as time passes and a family grow. Going through the process alone can seem overwhelming, and there are so many things that can get lost in the details, but cause contention and loss further down the line. A trusted family lawyer is a welcome addition to any family, taking some of the incomprehensible paperwork and anxiety out of planning for the future. 

Whether it’s birth or death, marriage or divorce, starting a business or getting ready for retirement, it doesn’t pay to take chances. Handling these things alone only ends in stress, sleepless nights, and time spent in the office and away from the family. Let an expert in family law provide the stability, security, and peace of mind to which everyone is entitled.