More and more women are starting to look beyond the cardio portion of the gym in order to look and feel better. Now, they are beginning to look at the weights as a part of their health regimen. Is that a wise move, though? That’s something that women have been asking for a long time, now. We’re going to examine five reasons why women should consider hitting the weights instead of just doing cardio. Here’s what you need to know!

Burn more Calories and Boost your metabolism naturally

The first thing that you need to know about lifting weights as a woman is that it can help improve your metabolism and burn more calories. While some people think that cardio is the only way that you can burn calories, lifting weight, even a little bit at a time, is a key for burning off more weight than you would with just cardio. A lot of women have been taught that their metabolism is only linked to the amount of running and other such exercises that they do. However, lifting weights causes you to have to use a lot of energy that you’re not used to doing. The result is that you’re going to have the opportunity to scorch calories! The key is to not let yourself rest for too long between sets of lifting. Some people meander for five or ten minutes between a set, but that will let your heart rate go down, and you want it to stay up if you’re going get the full benefit. Either way, though, burning more calories and getting stronger for it is a good plan for any woman!

Heart will be healthier

Another one of the most amazing benefits that you get from lifting weights is a healthier heart. Your heart has to perform a lot of tasks when it comes to exercise. Some of them are keeping a low and steady rate that will efficiently pump blood through your veins and allow you to undertake long-term outcomes. That can be very helpful for people that are in cardio-intensive workouts. However, the people that are doing the weightlifting get the benefit of training the heart for short-term, high-intensity workouts. Your heart will be a lot stronger for doing this kind of exercise.

Add confidence

One of the other reasons that women should try doing weight-lifting is that it will help them build confidence. When you have a body that is slim, it’s nice. But when you have a body that is toned, it’s even better. You know that you are looking good and you can focus on specific areas. So, you could get toned arms like Michelle Obama or you could try to get a nice posterior like so many other women want to get. The result is that you will get a lot of confidence that you would not have without lifting weights. Plus, you will get extra confidence just from knowing that you are getting stronger, and you’ll be able to do more things on your own. Instead of having to ask someone for help with picking up a heavy bag of potting soil, you can just pick it up on your own.

Be athletic to find a couple not only online

The next reason that you will want to use weights as part of your exercise is to find a partner online for dates and in the gym. According to the experts on seekmeetdate too many people have a single picture on the dating profile and it doesn’t help to learn about there lifestyle. So use more Bright and Active Photos to attract attention. So, one of the reasons to Hit the Weights is to get an attractive photo for the profile. Being attractive can mean different things to different people. That being said, most people like a body that is fit and strong to be more attractive than one that is not in good shape. You will stand a far better chance of attracting people for dates online if you can show off that you’re in shape. Another interesting element to discuss and consider here is the ability to find fellow gym rats for dates by using a website. When someone looks at your profile and sees that you are interested in going to the gym and lifting, it’s easy for them to figure out an approach to you. They’ll ask if they can tag along on a trip to the gym. Not only can you get in your workout, but you can also take some time to chat with a date in person and see if you have enough in common to keep the conversation going after you finish working out.

To look beautiful and be happy

Last but not least, you get the opportunity to be happy and beautiful. Lifting weights will take your body to the next level. Not only do you get the chance to have a better look, but people will recognize you for being a beauty more frequently. As a result of looking and feeling better, you’ll be happier than ever! However, happiness is more difficult to come across than through the mere act of looking better. When you start lifting weights, you’ll understand that you have an overall sort of health that is better than anything that you’ve ever experienced before. Every part of your body can be stronger and fitter than you would have imagined, and that is going to build the kind of confidence that you can’t put a price on!

As you can see, there are many reasons that you should consider adding a lifting regiment to your overall workout. You will get the chance to become stronger, make your heart even healthier, and get to be more independent and beautiful. Finally, you’ll have a built-in dating site photo from your time at the gym. All in all, spending even two or three days a week lifting weights will get you the results that you want as long as you follow a good plan!