October is arriving soon, and that means it’s time to break out the Halloween decorations and pumpkin-flavored everything. There’s a lot of reasons to be excited about entering the autumn season. The leaves start to change color, the holiday season is right around the corner, and everyone’s slowly switching out their flip flops and tank tops for boots and snug sweaters. 

One event that’s on everyone’s mind is Halloween. It’s the spookiest time of the year, and people of all ages look forward to it. But even if you’re not dressing up and going trick-or-treating, or even planning on carving a pumpkin, there are other ways to get into the Halloween spirit. 

If you’ve been out and about at all recently, you’ve probably noticed a shift – stores are adding more fall colors to their palette, coffee shops are serving pumpkin-flavored drinks, and the seasonal Halloween stores are starting to pop up on every other corner. Even in the digital world, classic Halloween movies are being advertised on streaming sites and most gaming apps are implementing Halloween-themed bonuses and special levels.

So, if you’re a huge Halloween fan or plan on playing it low-key this year, there’s a number of ways you can embrace the fun of this holiday. One surprising place that people don’t realize also gets into the Halloween spirit are casinos and casino games. 

Lots of casinos throw Halloween parties and serve all sorts of inventive drinks. But, if you can’t make it to a real casino, online casinos are also getting into the spirit. While most actual casinos transform the place into a Halloween festival without changing a lot of the games themselves, the online platform has truly evolved casino games into a whole other event. 

No matter what type of casino games you prefer, online gambling websites have put new twists on your favorite types of games. Everything from zombies to vampires to classic scary legends, online gambling platforms have been spicing up their variety. 

According to Gambler’s Daily Digest, slots are the most popular casino games. They attribute this to the game’s flashiness and flare. Slots are games of luck and chance, requiring practically no skill, and considering the number of big-win stories, their popularity isn’t dying down any time soon.  

So, if you’re a slots-lover or a beginner, this month might be a good time to play, especially if you love Halloween. You can find a lot of slot games online, and now even more spooky-themed ones to keep you engaged and excited.

Here are 5 cool Halloween-themed slot games to consider:

  1. Blood Suckers

One of the most popular Halloween monsters is the vampire. Nowadays, they’re barely considered a monster – the popularized version of vampires depicts them like normal people, except maybe cooler, better looking, and blood-drinking. Blood Suckers utilized the Victorian-era type vampires, with gothic garb and organ sounds. 

According to Para Juncan at OnlineCasinoGems, “blood suckers is great because it’s a five-reel slot game, and bonuses are triggered when three bonus symbols end up on the same payline. There are even bonus games, which people have claimed are even scarier. Overall, this is a simple and super engaging slot game perfectly in line with the Halloween spirit.”

  1. Under the Bed

Under the bed is one of the less horror-based Halloween slot games. It takes the classic children’s story concept of a monster under the bed and puts it into the game’s design. The monsters in this game are more cartoon-like, so if you can’t handle the gory, horror-side of Halloween, this game might be perfect for you. 


According to Weekly Slot News, Under the Bed has payouts over $1,000. The game has 30 paylines and bonus features.

  1. Vampires vs. Wolves

If you kept up with the pop culture in 2008, the concept of vampires versus wolves may sound very familiar. It was popularized in theatres with the release of a teen vampire/werewolf romance that took over the minds and hearts of teens across the world. 

Ever since then, vampires versus wolves has become a more relevant trope, appearing in new television shows, book series, and even parody movies. 

In this game, you can play on the side of vampires or wolves, making the game more engaging than just a simple slot machine. Like Blood Suckers, Vampires vs. Wolves uses the Victorian-era vampires, but it’s a less gory and horror-themed game. 

  1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Based on the renowned novella, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, the slot game Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde features the story’s two protagonists and gothic atmosphere. The game’s design is more cartoon-oriented but keeps the spookiness up through eerie sounds and music, balancing the fun and fear throughout the game. 

  1. Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon takes its theme from the 1954 film of the same name. It’s considered a monster movie classic, but even if you haven’t watched it, the game is still just as fun and engaging. This game is a more complicated slot game, but there are bigger prizes and bonuses too. 

The variety of Halloween slot games offered online are plenty and continually expanding. Online gambling platforms offer games for everyone, whether you’re into horror movies, classic legends, vampires, or even werewolves, you can probably find it. 

So, whether you’re an avid slots player or a new one entering the scene, these Halloween games will keep you entertained. According to Gambling News Weekly, one of the best tips for playing online slots is to take advantage of any bonuses and free spins, which are offered by many of the games above. 

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Halloween, a lot of these games may offer more bonuses and prizes than your ordinary slot games. And you might find that the spooky and scary themes add more to your gaming experience. 

On the other hand, if you love Halloween, this is another way you can incorporate it into your Halloween season. These games are not only fun, but their online platform makes them convenient, and you can make money from them too.