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5 Things You Never Knew You Can Do With The iPhone X


Feb 26, 2018

Increase Battery Life

The battery life with the iPhone X has been consistently impressive. It can last anywhere from several hours to a day and a half. But how do you conserve more battery life and increase its longevity even more? Use the Power Mode! Putting your phone in Power Mode will help you extend your battery life by switching on the grayscale mode, inverting the color in order to create a “dark” mode and just switching to a simple black wallpaper. Moreover, if the wifi and Bluetooth are not in use, they will be automatically switched off. This powerful little hack can help you extend your battery life by up to 60%!

Quieten The Alarms

This is another feature of the iPhone X that might not be immediately conspicuous. Here’s how it works: if your alarm is going off and you bring it close to your face, the alarm volume will be automatically lowered! No more blaring noises that ruin the morning. Face ID just detects your face and does the job for you.

Face ID will automatically alter the ringer and notifications volume

This a cool tweak to the refurbished iPhone collections that is a further testament to its advanced technology. When a call comes on and the iPhone X starts ringing, Face ID will automatically start looking for your face. Once you bring the phone closer to your face and the Face ID detects it, the ringer and notification volumes will be automatically lowered (just as with the alarm), hence saving you from unpleasant noise blaring in your face.

Switch between apps smoothly

If you missed this trick in the setup of your phone, we’re here to reiterate and make it easier for you. iPhone X makes switching between apps an incredibly smooth and quick process. For the suspended apps, swipe right on the gesture bar right from the home screen. You’ll be able to flip quickly between the suspended apps with this option.

Force Stopping Apps

Force stopping apps is always the last resort when they stop responding or freeze for a while. While iPhone 8 allowed you to force stop apps by just opening the App Switcher and swiping the required app up, iPhone X has a slightly different mechanism. You must first go to the App Switcher and find the app. Then, press the app icon for a whole until a red symbol appears on the corner left. In order to force stop the app, tap the minus symbol.

Keep in mind that it is a myth that force stopping apps unnecessarily can help you save battery life. To the contrary, Apple has clarified that doing so actually increases battery consumption and is hence best avoided unless an app freezes or has to be restarted for any other reason.

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