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5 Tips for Cleaning the Office after a Corporate Christmas Party

Without a doubt, the Christmas party in the office is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for all. It has probably been a stressful year for you and the team, so tensions tend to be quite high when it comes to the end of season event. If you plan it right, though, all that build up and madness can be left behind. The only issue is, so will the mess that follows from the big party!

If you want to get the place ready for work again, here are some tips and tricks to consider.

Don’t let things lie

We imagine that you are all somewhat sozzled from a fun night, but the place might be a bit of a mess. While you are still sober enough, we recommend trying to get some pre-planned bin locations put in place. Set out more bins on the office floor so that everyone can get their items put away without any stress, and avoid excess rubbish lying around the place. This will help to make the tidying-up much quicker.

Handle stains ASAP

When someone spills some beer on the carpet or there’s been a flipped pizza box, don’t let the stains lie there until you all stumble back in the next day. Instead, get something in place to handle a spill as soon as is possible. Invest in some stronger carpet cleaning solutions that you could use to lift most of the mess that ends up on the carpet, avoiding it from becoming permanent. Should you have a real disaster, it might be worth setting aside some of the party’s budget to buy some industrial carpet cleaning machines which can be used again for future events.

Keep the office organised

The best thing to do is organise the space as best as you can. Have a section for food and drinks and designated bin areas for cans and bottles and food plates. This should help to limit the mess and ensure all bottles and cans can be recycled. Organising the mess as it is formed can help with the cleaning process the next day. Set up stations and clearly mark the designated areas so people are aware of where to put their rubbish and belongings.

Try and self-clean

If the people in charge of the party could help to clean-up throughout the evening this will also help the state of the office the next day. Try and clean as you go and kindly ask all the guests to do the same. Make sure everyone is aware of where to put their bags and coats, food and drink, to ensure a swift tidying up the next day. Staff may moan about keeping the mess organised but will be grateful they did so when you all come in with a hangover to tackle the damage!

Invest in professional expertise

Still not sure if the place is quite up to scratch? Or the headaches are just too bad! Then, you might want to invest in some professional cleaners like Prestaclean instead. Again, set some of the spending budget aside to take care of the mess for you and ensure that the office is looking as good as new when you return to work on Monday. This may limit the amount of money for drinks but will save a lot of hassle the following day.

Hopefully these tips have helped with organising your Christmas office party and we hope you enjoy letting off some steam after a year of hard work!

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