If you are one of the many people intending to head out and see a musical festival this summer, you need to be prepared. Festivals are often a fun place to be; a location where you can just be yourself and have some fun. It’s a great way to unwind and to get the frustration of day-to-day life out of your system. As you are no doubt aware, though, going to a music festival can be quite tough if you are not suitably prepared. What matters, then, when heading off to a music festival?

Always bag things properly

The worst starting place for a lot of people when preparing for a festival is having poor quality bags. Bags are essential to making sure you can pack everything away and arrive with relative comfort to your choice of location. The best thing that you could do is invest in some hessian bags for camping. Strong, sturdy, and secure, these should keep all of your festival essentials safe, dry and separate from one-another.

Don’t forget the food

When you are filling up your bag, you’ll probably find it makes up something like 25% water, 75% booze. Try and dial the booze back a bit, to say 50%, and bring a nice helping of food instead. You won’t want to be surviving on burgers from stalls etc. at the festival, so make sure you bring along enough food to keep your strength up. This is vital for making sure you aren’t starving come day two!

Get some dry shampoo

Out of all the things that you pack into your collection of items, make sure that you bring some dry shampoo. Showering stations are often at a premium, but all of that mud, dirt and mess is going to really have a negative impact on the quality of your hair. With some dry shampoo, you can get out the muck and mire and leave yourself with hair that still looks good after days of partying!

Get some wet wipes & travel deodorants

By the same token as above, the last thing that you want to think about is how you smell. However, after a few days of excess partying, the answer might not be so pleasant. Bring some travel sized accessories and some baby wipes, though, and you can at least maintain some hygiene standards during the party. It might be tough to get right, but we highly recommend you take this into account.

Be prepared for problems

When packing, one thing we often forget about is making sure we are packed up enough to have a good time. This means that you should always bring solutions – if you have space, bring a second tent. You never know what could go wrong when partying at a festival, and you don’t want to be sleeping outside – or not sleeping at all – for days on end. Always try and bring a solution to solve any problem that could come up. For everything you bring, bring something to try and counter it if you can.

Keep these factors in mind, and you should find planning and preparing for a festival is going to become so much easier than it might sound at the moment.