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5 Top tips on how to teach English online


Jul 21, 2020 #education

Teaching English over the internet is somewhat different from teaching in a physical classroom. The hours are sometime incredibly early. The most significant variance between the online and regular classrooms, is that online you have one-on-one lessons and offer continuous, focused, student-specific teaching and also free spelling test for adults. You will only see the students for a short period, between 25 to 60 minutes, and it is your responsibility to have them listening, reading, writing, and speaking English the entire time, no matter if it is early in the morning, you’re hungover, or you’ve already been teaching five lessons for the day. Here are five tips to help you with teaching English online.

  1. Purchase quality equipment

It may sound surprizing, but you are judged on the professionalism of your class. If your audio and video content is unsatisfactory for the student, chances are high that you will not be rebooked. Even if teaching at home is much more casual, you still want a set up that is professional.

  1. Invest in a proper chair

After teaching countless classes online, you will begin to appreciate the value of a comfortable chair. It is incredibly difficult to stay focused by the time you have hit the ninth lesson and your legs are cramping and your back is aching. Invest in a chair where you can sit for hours, without even noticing the time. 

  1. Write down a few notes about every student you are tutoring

In your time as an online teacher, you will get to meet loads of students, irrespective of how much you choose to teach. Some teachers see ten students per day for about four or five days per week. With time, your content and the students start to run collectively. Try to write a few notes about every student you are teaching in a spreadsheet or notebook. If you know they are a fan of dinosaurs or unicorns and they told you their birthday is the upcoming week, keep a little note for yourself. Or, if they are having trouble with something, be sure to make a note too. It might be small details, but the student will take note that you have gone through the trouble to make a connection, and their parents will notice too. You can get re-booked more often and you can receive good reviews from parents. If you are interested in the prospect to teach English online and are not sure where to start, you can apply here.

  1. Avoid cancellations or no shows

Since you are responsible for making your own schedule, the majority of English agencies are not forgiving of missed classes. However, sometimes emergencies happen that are beyond your control for which you can get some leeway. However, if you have too many cancellations or no-shows, you may risk your contract being terminated automatically. Even if you are feeling ill, try to be there and push through it. Never sleep through a class. Make sure you set five alarms on every electronic device to ensure you are up and ready for your next class.

  1. Have the right approach

The reason most of us become teachers is because of the teaching in itself. The students are equally excited to learn and it can be contagious. Approach each class with a happy and fun mindset. Every online lesson is recorded; therefore, everything is captured on camera. Do not check your phone on the side, yawn, or look like you are rather wanting to be doing something else. Put on your best teacher A-game. Make sure you have had a good night’s rest and made yourself a steaming cup of Joe and start the day refreshed and ready for teaching.

By ozfetch