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5 Unique Ways To Travel The World

ByDave Stopher

Jun 12, 2021

With the pandemic causing borders to close for the past year and a half, the idea of traveling in any form is quite strange. However, we’re gonna take a moment to consider the 5 most unique ways to travels; ways that you could return to your globe-trotting habits in style.

Private Jet

This sounds extremely lavish (and it is!) but private jets have become a lot more accessible than they used to. For a price not too much more than some business class seats, you can ride a private jet and sidestep all the lengthy delays that airports bring, particularly in the times of COVID-19 checks. It’s the ultimate stress-free way to travel if your budget allows for it, and you get great flexibility on where you’re flying to. Of course, let’s not ignore the sheer luxury of the jets either.


A great way to combine health with travel is to cycle on your vacations. The biggest benefit of a cycling holiday, besides the inevitable fitness challenges and green ethics, is the views you will see. Unlike flying and driving, cycling can get you closer to beauty spots, rivers, mountain edges, and you get to pick a more precise route to catch great sites. Plus, there’s something about being in those scenic spots with the wind in your face that makes it feel more captivating.


Hitchhiking neverusedto be unusual, but since some scare stories in the 80s and 90s, we’ve suddenly become averse to it. However, there’s plenty of cultures still happy to pick up hitchhikers, so it shouldn’t be ruled out. It couldn’t be any more different than flying in a private jet, as organization has gone out the window. However, that may be the adventure you’re yearning for! Of course, it’s free too and can lead you to places you never could have planned on seeing (for good and for bad).

Hot Air Ballon

Taking a hot air balloon ride is certainly a memorable one, but it doesn’t have to be just a 20-minute tourist ride to see a city from above. Hot air balloons can in fact serve as a function of travel, a viable way to skip the traffic and move at a steady pace with incredible views. Turkey and Greece are particularly enthusiastic about hot air balloons if you happen to be in Europe; otherwise, head to Mexico for an abundance of opportunities.

Freighter travel

Freighter travel is a really interesting form of travel. This is where you hop on a cargo ship for an affordable price, and you get a bed, a few amenities (that you likely share with the crew), and a whole lot of solitude. Being a very slow form of travel, you may spend weeks without wi-fi on a cargo ship. It’s often no cheaper than flying ($100 per day) if you’re only concerned about the destination, but this could really ramp up the unique experience of a holiday by taking a slow, tranquil route there, and would of course be cheaper than the daily cost of a cruise ship.