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5 Useful University Timetable Apps in 2022

ByDave Stopher

Jun 19, 2022

Are you one of the students struggling with time management? You may exhaust yourself and still think there isn’t enough time to study in 24 hours. Luckily, technology is always ready for your aid! Today, various applications are available on the both Android and Apple play stores to help students improve their productivity (ER – Canada, 2019). These apps help you make a to-do list for you day and check items off once they are done.

Timetable apps are extremely organised and efficient at saving time and gaining productivity. This blog lists some of the best and free timetable apps for university students!

Why Do You Need Timetable Apps?

Educational apps make contributions to your productivity and time-management during study hours. Students using study applications generally feel more relieved and content compared to those who don’t. Study apps are always there to save you whether your concern is productivity, time-management or anything else! In a nutshell, student university apps can enable you to confront the following challenges;

  1. Improving Productivity
  2. Creating and Managing Timetables
  3. Writing and Updating Study Notes
  4. Understanding Key Concepts in Your Subjects

Study apps help students become efficient, productive, and responsible. The apps achieve these goals by consistently distributing the time between your tasks and assignments. Majority of you feel overwhelmed when you have a submission deadline and need dissertation help. This is because you simply don’t know where to begin from! Students keep jumping from one topic to another without really understanding them. Are you exhausting yourself thinking “how I am going to write my dissertation”? Don’t waste your time and download a study app today.

Sometimes, a major challenge faced by students is accessibility to notes. It rarely occurs that all physical notes are available to you within a click all the time. For example, if you went to the library to meet a friend and you both decide to study together, you would need your notes. And it is impossible to carry your notes all the time. However with the use of notes applications, you can have any time anywhere!

To overcome these challenges, students can now download various study apps. Such applications help manage these problems.

Which Type of Student Apps Are Currently Trending In the Market?

Every committed learner wishes to excel in their academics. Certain apps may support you grow more in your education to maintain their own position in the market. Nowadays, apps are available for every function: from taking notes to managing time while memorising essential concepts. Few of the most common kinds of student study applications are as follows;

  • Timetable App
  • Notes App
  • Productivity App
  • Online Education App

Productivity apps for students

Do you wish to be more efficient? You have been missing deadlines lately? Download some study apps listed below and have your worries taken care of.

MyHomework Student Planner

Although the word “homework” may make you think otherwise, this is really a useful tool for students of all educational levels, from high school on up. myHomework Student Planner has a homework widget where you can sync your assignments and receive reminders for when they are due, so you never miss a deadline again. The calendar may be used to keep track of upcoming tests, projects, and other important dates.

Some students have reported improved performance as a result of using the study app. One student even credited it as “definitely one of the key factors I scored a 3.8 GPA this year.” Other students shared “whoever created this groundbreaking application deserves eternal respect and praise. Another user put it as an app that saved his life on multiple occasions.”


Trello is a fantastic software that helps you accomplish more in less time. Build digital “portfolios” for each one of your university projects on Trello. Later on, rearrange and update them independently or in collaboration with your peers.

Trello is the perfect to-go app if you are stuck in a group presentation. You can use lists to keep track of tasks, upcoming projects, and completed tasks. Trello has been praised as a great project management application that facilitates teamwork and makes it more fun (Kaur, 2018). It can be downloaded free of charge and is compatible with all Apple devices.


Another great app for students to use to take notes is Evernote. It works across platforms and lets you make handwritten notes. To our excitement, it includes clipped text, images, and much more!

Among various benefits, it is compatible with popular document formats such as Word, PDFs, Excel, and PowerPoint. University students can also use Evernote as a scanner for taking pictures of textbooks and other notes.


It’s possible to schedule your entire day using Clockify, which is why it’s such great time-management app. Clockify allows you to schedule and keep track of your time for different tasks. The user interfaces are uniformly polished, refined, and easy to use across all operating platforms and browsers.

The amount of time you spend on different activities and interests can be used as a useful indicator of how you spend your time. This helps you identify the most and least time consuming areas of your day. Perhaps this will also support you set priorities in your studies.


If you’re looking for a simple way to manage your daily tasks, Todoist is a great app to try. You may use it to categorise and arrange your work, create deadlines and alerts, track your productivity, and share information with other team members. Additional benefits of Todoist are priority and tag-based filtering of tasks, and location-based notifications.


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