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5 Ways to Save on Holiday Travel

The average cost of a 7-day vacation in the US is now up to $1,567 per person. If you’re traveling with your spouse, you can expect some cost savings, but that’s still over $2,500 a week. And if you add in a couple of children, it gets close to $5,000 a week!

After several months in isolation, we all can use a little time out and about. But who can afford to pay so much? So, if you’re ready to scratch your travel itch and save some cash, check out these expert tips.

1. Use a VPN While Booking Everything

You may already be familiar with VPNs. VPNs or virtual private networks are best known for being an effective way to improve your site security by hiding your IP address and encrypting internet connection.

The same tools that make them so effective for improving your digital security also can help you save some of your hard-earned cash. Travel sites often use cookies to track users who have been there and raise prices.

But they also charge different prices based on your IP address location. With your VPN service, you change your virtual location to save 10% or more on all types of bookings. Combine this with deleting your cookies and be amazed at the deals that will unfold in front of you.

2. Travel Off-Peak

Even if it’s high season, weekends and holidays will always be more popular than normal weekdays. Take advantage of flexible work schedules and work to change your itinerary.

For example, switching your flights from a Monday to a Tuesday can save you 15-25%. The same goes for hotels, car rentals, and other key spots where you spent a lot of cash.

Likewise, if you’re traveling in the northern hemisphere, see if you can travel in September. September the weather is still warm in plenty of beach locations like California, but you’ll have way less traffic, lower fares, and even some end-of-season deals to sweeten the pot. What could be better than that?

3. Book Through Your Credit Card Portal

Most of us have a travel credit card that we can rack up tons of points with. What you might not realize is most of them also have their dedicated portals. Log in to your card issuers website and locate the travel section.

If you book through here, you’ll have the option to pay with miles/points and get more value out of them or find better package options.

4. Go Somewhere Different

We all have this idea of going somewhere popular, like France or Italy. But there are so many amazing and underrated travel destinations around the world. You’ll save not only money but also avoid the huge crowds and lines in these top tourist spots.

Check out a few these awesome and underappreciated places that The Telegraph recommends:

5. Sign Up For Emails

We all get so many promotional emails. You can find a good deal signing up for emails from sites like Travelocity or Travelzoo. It can open you up to all kinds of possibilities.

There are also not the same as fare alerts. It’s a company-curated list of locations from around the world. Some may be places you’ve searched, while others may be random. If you’re not set on a specific location and want some ideas, then this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Check out:

Bonus: Vacation Rentals

There’s a reason why companies like Airbnb can compete with Marriot. They offer unique experiences and great deals on accommodations. You can find fantastic options in locations around the world.

How about paying $50/night for a two-bedroom apartment in Toronto instead of $100/night for a room. It’s not always going to be the cheapest option, but you might get a better quality of your stay, especially if you plan on being somewhere longer than a few days and want to get comfy.

We’re all ready to get out there and explore the world again. Save some cash, book in advance, and follow these tips so you’ll be prepared for your next great adventure.

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