A film that cost only £500 to make is being shown at Birmingham Horror Con in October.
PR guru Dean Maynard from Durham, co-produced and acted in ‘The Legend of the Chained Oak’ film alongside Staffordshire author Dan Weatherer, who also wrote the script. Dean pulled in many favours, including Newcastle acting sisters Amy & Faye Ormston, who have both been given ‘glowing praise’ for their roles in the film and top director Mark Mooney.  The entire crew worked non-stop for a week for FREE and the rewards for their hard efforts have paid off.
The team behind the project have already won the best short film awards at the Bram Stoker Festival, Portobello and Stoke Your Fires and have been shortlisted at numerous other festivals around the world.
Dean said: “This is amazing news for everyone involved with the film, with the budget and resources we had, to win three awards and be shown at Birmingham Horror Con is a minor miracle”