A global recession is on the horizon, millions are unemployed, and thousands of businesses are closing with each day that passes. It may seem apocalyptic, especially then when we consider that the catalyst for this mass-hysteria and mayhem is a killer virus that lurks on surfaces, in the air, and in the shadows, waiting for an unwitting victim. However, notwithstanding the global health and financial chaos, you can expand your business’s growth, and you can do it quite successfully as well, of course, depending entirely on your sector. Many restaurants, bars, and diners are facing closure – for now, at least.

This page will offer you six innovative ways for you to expand your business’s growth. The strategies set forward by this page, when incorporated properly, and when combined with each other, create a powerful cocktail that can antidote the global financial ills and help your business to achieve the greatness that you believe it undoubtedly deserves. Determination, perseverance, courage, and this guide are all that you need to grow your business.

Here are six innovative ways to expand your business’s growth.

Sales Development Programmes

Sales are the lifeblood of your company, whichever sector you are in. The problem with a global recession is that nobody is buying, but with a strategized sales plan and adequate training for your staff, you can make sales and dominate your market or business field. A new approach to sales is required in the so-called ‘new normal,’ which sees limited human contact and very little outdoor time, according to the sales specialists from SalesHood.com, and it is because of this that new sales strategies must be developed. You can develop your sales team through exercises and online seminars. Be sure to employ the use of a sales strategist to help your team establish new methods of making sales.

Social Media

Social media is seeing a huge boom in its usage, obviously as a consequence of the huge number of furloughed and unemployed people with nothing to do other than search for jobs and browse idly on social media. Social media is a very powerful marketing method – and one that can be used to great success and employed to draw huge interest in your business or brand. One of the most popular methods of social media marketing is utilizing so-called influencers. Influencers are individuals who, by using their large numbers of followers, are able to ‘influence’ people into buying and using your brand. Another method is homepage creation – which allows personal and intimate interaction between you and your customers.


SEO, or as it is less-commonly known, search engine optimization, is a form of digital marketing that has become one of the most widely used and most successful business growth methods. SEO manipulates Google’s algorithm into ranking your website at the top of search listings – thereby taking your competition out of the equation. When your consumer demographic searches keywords pertinent to your business, you will come up at the top, meaning you draw more interest, intrigue, and business.

Cold Calling

As was mentioned in the paragraph titled social media – more people are at home now than there probably has been in nearly a hundred years. The isolation imposed by our governments has seen us legally unable to leave our homes, which for many has meant sitting by the telephone waiting for some news or someone to call. Cold calling may now be a great way to get business with this in mind. You can use cold calling over the telephone or email cold calling – the more traditional door-knocking cold calling will not be allowable, due to restrictions on movement, and will be frowned upon as it is for breaking social distancing guidelines.


Business expansion is often something done during times of financial success – but during these troubling global times, there may be fields you can expand into that will yield higher profits than your own field. While you should not, of course, abandon your main source of income, and nobody is suggesting that, with the bankruptcy and failure of many large companies, there are many markets wide open to the taking. To expand your business now may yield great success, providing you do it carefully and strategize.


Strategies are very important to the success of your company, now more than ever. You must plan ahead and remember that these times, although uncertain, do not have to be the end for your business. Strategize and plan ahead – expect the unexpected.

With this page’s help, you hopefully now know a few innovative ways for your business to grow. Business growth is not unattainable now – and can still be achieved. Follow the suggestions on this page, stay motivated, and determined, and you can do it!