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6 Tips to Help You and Your Dog Sleep Better

ByDave Stopher

Jul 25, 2022 #pets

dBeing a dog owner for over a year now, I can confidently say that the only trick to sleeping peacefully is when your dog sleeps well, too. It has happened to me several times that my alarm has not gone off, but my dog starts pawing and barking early morning, requesting me to wake up. Getting my dog back to sleep is challenging in such a situation as she is quite persistent when it comes to waking me up. I had to use a few tricks to ensure that she slept well throughout the night and did not wake up early. Here are the tips that will help you sleep better as your dog also sleeps better.

1. Groom the Dog More Frequently:

You cannot bathe the dog every day as it is terrible for their coat, but at least twice a month is ideal for them. I have noticed that when my dog is clean, she is less itchy and thus sleeps better. Also, it is suitable for her overall health. I also changed several shampoos for her and realized a few work better to control dry skin, preventing itch. I have a Maltipoo and have been using the best shampoo for a Maltipoo, which has made her so much more comfortable. Her coat becomes clean and shiny, and she is less itchy after every session. In fact, the day she is groomed, she gets so tired that she sleeps through most of the day.

Also, do not wait to bathe your dog for two weeks if it is dirty or stinking. You need to judge when your dog seems dirty and bathe it accordingly.

2. Get a Comfortable Bed for the dog:

I initially had a soft bed for my dog, and it seemed like she did not like it much. She would move around the room the entire night rather than rest in one place. Her broken sleep disturbed my sleep as I constantly heard her move around the room. She seemed to enjoy sleeping on my bed more than on hers, which made me realize she did not find her bed comfortable. I have a memory foam mattress on my bed which is firm, and as it seemed like she likes it, I got her a bigger bed with a memory foam mattress. Once the bed was changed, she seemed to enjoy sleeping in her bed more. Once she retreated for the night to her bed, she did not move much as she was comfortable and rested well, which helped me sleep well. If you feel your dog is uncomfortable in its bed, try changing the mattress. Different dogs have different preferences. Puppies enjoy soft beds as it seems snuggly, but large dogs are more comfortable sleeping on a firm mattress that is easy to climb out of. Hence, choose the dog bed carefully as per your dog’s preferences.

3. Exercise:

When a dog is active, it is tough for it to sleep, and even if it does, they tend to wake up sooner. That means you need to exercise the dog well in the evening, so it gets tired and retreats for the night. In fact, you should also exercise as it will help you sleep better. You are less likely to have broken sleep. Try exercising in the evening with the dog so that you exhaust all your pent-up energy and feel tired during the night. If your dog still has a lot of energy and you cannot help it burn much, better hire a dog walker who can give your dog long walks and tire it. You can mentally tire the dog by giving them puzzle games that challenge them, and they will get tired.

4. Follow a Routine:

You may sleep early for a few days and binge-watch a series really late someday. Your dog does not work that way. Dogs have a constant routine, meaning they sleep at a particular time and get up promptly every morning. If you live with a dog, better adjust the dog’s routine with you and stick to it. Changing it will not help you much. Instead, your dog will sleep well, but you will be woken up early as your dog is up. Hence, follow the daily routine to ensure you and your dog sleep well. In fact, if you sleep late, your dog will have broken sleep as it is still alert even though it is trying to sleep. It may not sleep in its bed till you retreat to your bed. Hence, you will be spoiling your health and your dog’s health.

5. Do Not Let the Dog Sleep the Entire Day:

You may be busy during the daytime; hence, your dog tends to sleep a lot due to a lack of engagement. This means the dog is not using its energy throughout the day and suddenly becomes active during the evening. This leads to a destructive dog with a lot of energy to burn. Keep the dog busy throughout the day by giving them a puzzle treat dispenser or sending them to a dog daycare. This way, they will use their energy throughout the day and become tired by the evening. This helps them sleep through the night well.

6. Feed Your Dog Twice a Day:

If you give your dog a large meal once a day, you must stop that immediately. For starters, there are high chances of your dog’s belly bloating when they overeat food at once as they gulp air along with the food. Instead, divide the meal twice a day. When you feed the dog at night, its digestive system works and burns energy. Just like humans, a dog who eats a nice meal will sleep well, as it does not feel hungry until the following day.

The Bottom Line:

These tips will help you get a good night’s sleep every day as your dog will also sleep better along with you. Do not forget to create a relaxing environment for you and your dog that radiates positive energy in the room and helps avoid nightmares.

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