New Research commissioned by has looked at wedding travel trends in the UK, and the North East in particular. August is the most popular month in the UK for weddings as we chase a sun-kissed day, with two in three UK weddings taking place in the height of summer. But attending a wedding can take considerable time and effort and people are often put off going.

According to the research, one in five (20%) of those in the North East said that travel time was a factor when considering whether to attend a wedding.  Almost One in five (18%) would turn down a wedding invite if the location is difficult to reach, and 11% said they often simply don’t have transportation. Travel is such a consideration, in fact, that only 51% of those asked said they would travel three hours to attend the wedding of their sibling and even more (53%) would travel three hours for their child’s wedding.

Weddings can also turn into costly trips as 33% of those asked said cost was the main reason they would forgo attending.

So, how can we Brits make the long wedding journey worth it? According to travel experts, the solution is to expand it and turn it into a staycation. This is a great way to discover what the local area has to offer and give yourself a well-deserved break. In fact, 45% of those from the North East sked in the survey said they would consider visiting a local beach or holiday spot as part of their trip, and 44% said they would visit a local heritage site or area of outstanding beauty.

Lauren Gourley, Head of Brands for is advising people to travel by car. “Having your own vehicle will allow you to travel more comfortably and get directly to the venue – as long as there is a road, you can get there. If hiring a car, you can opt for more space in a larger vehicle, which helps with keeping your Sunday best wrinkle-free. Plus, car hire gives you freedom to do what you want, when you want, so you can change the obligation of a wedding into the fun of a staycation”.

So next time you receive an invitation for a wedding taking place far from home, and in a remote venue, seize the opportunity and indulge yourself with some sightseeing and adventures.