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7 Business Tips For Starting A Successful Roofing Company


Apr 12, 2020

There are numerous agencies that are forced to close their doors prior to even really getting started. Yet, establishing a successful roofing business is not as tricky as you may think when you’re aware of the pitfalls ahead of time. Here are seven tips for getting a successful roofing agency from the ground. Jagg premium roof system provide metal, Commercial, Residential roofing and this roofing contractor Indianapolis IN noted that leave the task to them and you can have utmost peace of mind for many year.

Having The Mindset Of You’re Not Going To Fail

Despite all the online advice out there about how to make a success of a business, many companies still fail because they are unaware of the pitfalls. The biggest one of all is not enlisting the aid of an accountant. Set up a meeting with a qualified accountant from the beginning. Before spending a cent on any equipment, first determine your business goals and plan on how you’re going to achieve them. You can check this link right here now for more about the Pro Roofing LLC.

How to Start a Roofing Business and Starting a Roofing Business Tips

Work Out Your Costs

It is critical to evaluate how much everything is going to cost before starting your roofing agency. Direct costs such as labor and materials are easy to establish, however other costs like marketing and administrative expenses must also be factored in.  Things to consider are:

  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Operational costs like salaries and labor wages
  • Website
  • Promotional materials like stationery and signage
  • Administration
  • Commercial premises
  • Opening a business bank account for the company

With overall costs determined, you can start marking up for profit. Make comparisons to local competition to see what you need to charge. The idea is to sell at a price that turns out a profit.

Registering The Business

When registering your business, it’s worth doing it under your DBA (doing business as) name. A creative roofing business name can be more beneficial commercially than a family name.

Promoting Your Business

It’s crucial to not pay for advertising until you’ve already maxed out everything else. To ensure more roofing jobs are coming in, there are various methods that you can do before spending cash on advertising. Some of the best strategies include:

  • Using SEO strategies to generate exclusive roofing leads
  • Visible signage on your vehicle – big name, web address and phone number
  • A well-structured and optimized website
  • Lawn signs for your roofing website
  • Free business listing on online directories such as Google
  • Free ads on Craigslist


Obtain the necessary authorization you require to operate such as contracting licenses and local business permits.

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Take Out Insurance

Roofing is a robust business where injuries and accidents can happen. Insurance offer the means to protect your business, employees and customers financially in the event of damage to property, injuries on site or lawsuits. Common insurance that are considered for roofing agencies include:

  • General liability – Covers injury and damage to parties outside of the business.
  • Workers compensation – Covers injuries to employees that are work-related. The requirements are different from one state to the next, depending on the number of workers which is a requirement in all provinces.
  • Professional liability – protects the agency against lawsuits.
  • Vehicle insurance – covers work vehicles.
  • Personal liability – covers in case of injury.
  • Equipment insurance – Protects equipment and tools.

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