Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others have been on the rise for the last few years. However, some cities seem more inviting for these virtual currencies with others still struggling to form a concrete perception. With cryptocurrency finding its way into several sectors and companies that govern routine life, its impact is increasing day by day. So, if you’re wondering which is a good place for you as a crypto lover, you’ve found your answer. These 7 cities seem to have a proclivity for Bitcoin and more!

Get ready to see Bitcoin at its best as we explore the 7 Global Hotspots for Bitcoin in 2021.

  • Vancouver

Cryptocurrencies seem to have crept in well in Canada’s economic fabric. The country has put reasonable security and regulatory measures in place for the use of Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, the QuadrigaCX story is one that crypto followers are aware of. Canada boasts a developing crypto culture and a countable number of merchants are open to cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin is largely coming into use in Vancouver. With approximately forty Bitcoin ATMs in place, dealing with cryptocurrency becomes a lot easier. The city also holds the story of the first-ever Bitcoin ATM, and with a considerable population, it is helping Bitcoin rise to power as we walk into 2021. To know more about Bitcoin visit Bitcoin code UK.

  • Slovenia

Slovenia seems to be another region that is at the very forefront when it comes to exploring the power of cryptocurrency. Europe’s embrace of cryptocurrencies has also been warm enough, and Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital shows a similar inclination. The city owns rights to the foundation of Bitstamp and allows easy Bitcoin usage among a steady and considerable population. More than a hundred merchants are open to receiving Bitcoin payments around the capital area.

  • San Francisco

America’s openness to crypto culture and Blockchain development is undoubted. As a result, Dan Francisco deserves a spot on the little list. Several merchants in the region are open to receiving Bitcoin payments. So, whether you wish to use crypto power to pay at bakeries, restaurants, or cafes – it is all possible. San Francisco is also known for creating Coinbase, a popular trading initiative that allows crypto trade. ATMs are well-distributed and functional, making it easier to buy Bitcoin. Harboring a rather small population, San Francisco makes crypto payments easier to manage, allowing Bitcoin enough space to flourish.

  • Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires manages to hit a century with over 100 crypto supporting merchants flocking around. The city supports the culture of Bitcoin ATMs and is home to approximately 3 million people. The idea of cryptocurrency seems to have fit right with Argentina owing to its debt-ridden nature. A variety of other factors shape the possibility of Bitcoin having a truly great future in this part of the world.

  • New York

New York, home to Gemini exchange, undoubtedly turns into a good city for Bitcoin lovers. It would be appalling to see low numbers of Bitcoin users here, and that is why the case is exactly the opposite. With a population of more than 8 million, around 30 popular merchants receive Bitcoin payments in the city. That being said, there are about 15 Bitcoin ATMs and other supporting practices.

  • Amsterdam

Bitfury and BitPay are Amsterdam’s poster babies in the crypto world. The city is open to Bitcoin exchange like no other with approximately 32 merchants accepting Bitcoin around the city region. These merchants are spread over different categories, making a variety of services accessible through Bitcoin. With around 12 Bitcoin ATMs and surrounding regions also being open to cryptocurrencies, Amsterdam’s place on the list remains fixed.

  • London

UK’s capital has a good reason to be on the list with its crypto fad. Home to a considerable population of about 9 million people, the city bursts with crypto energy. Approximately 50 merchants are open to crypto payments and there are around 120 ATMs. Several crypto startups can also easily be found in the city. These traits shape it as a great global hotspot for Bitcoin in 2021.

A common comparison quotient in terms of merchants and ATMs helps you understand the global hotspots a lot better. These cities have wilfully been experimenting with Bitcoin. The future of cryptocurrency in these parts of the world seems only a little brighter every day. So, whether you wish to pay for food, jewelry, or a haircut, crypto payments are quite a possibility around these parts of the world. What do you think about these global Bitcoin hotspots and their future growth?