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7 Home Improvement Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Home


Aug 11, 2022

A home is a long-term investment that will reward you if you take the necessary steps to maintain it. Home improvement provides multiple benefits that homeowners cannot ignore. Besides providing a comfortable and energy-efficient space, remodelling offers other perks too.

An increase in space and keeping your home in good condition is possible when you undertake suitable remodelling. Most importantly, if you want to sell your home in the future, you can increase the value by making improvements. Here are some tips to boost your home’s value.

1. Simple bathroom additions

Most people ignore the bathroom and focus on other rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. But a bathroom can boost your home’s value when you make it a luxurious and comfortable space. Some of the additions you can make are:

Install a shower in one of the bathrooms.
Replace the sanitaryware if they are damaged, stained, or dull in colour.
Use tiles or vinyl flooring

Letta London offers an extensive collection of luxury bathroom products that can help in your bathroom remodelling. Whether it is a bath, sanitaryware, or tiles, you can get great value, and Customers can buy freestanding bathshere in various styles and budgets.

2. Value-adding integrations

Try adding interesting elements to your home that make it stand apart from others. Unique features will help you sell your property at a premium price. Some features you can add are

A designer main door
Glazing for the entire height
Roof lantern
An additional staircase
Feature window

3. Kitchen additions

An attractive, spacious, and clean kitchen appeals to buyers. You can increase the price of your home based on how your kitchen looks. Some improvements you can do are adding new


Take into account the position and shape of your kitchen before you start the remodelling. A modest amount is enough for making improvements in your kitchen. Worktops or unit doors replacement or a repaint will not cost much. But they can give the space a new and fresh look.

4. Extra Bedroom

One easy way to increase your home’s value is by adding abedroom. A home with multiple bedrooms can fetch a higher price than one with just a couple of bedrooms.

The more the number, the higher the value. But while you add more rooms make sure you know the ceiling value for the particular locality.

A cost-effective way is to reuse an existing space as an extra bedroom. You can remove or add walls to an existing space. Or convert a cellar or loft. While you are adding bedrooms make sure there are enough bathrooms.

5. Decorate your home

Making your home clean, new, and appealing is the best way to increase its value. Decorating can easily add value. Peeling paint and cracks in the plasterwork and ceiling can put off a buyer. Painting the walls and ceiling will instantly bring a fresh look.

Other defects that you should look into are loose tiles, faulty door latches, dripping taps, lifting flooring, damaged windows, and squeaky stairs and floors.

6. New Windows

Old and damaged windows need to be replaced with a similar-looking structure. This will keep the aesthetic look intact. If it is an old and listed property or falls under a conservation region, you need to consider the regulations before changing any part of the home.

But new buildings do not have such restrictions. Double glazed windows are in vogue now and add value to the property. Some factors to consider while working on windows are

Check whether the replacement windows have equal sight lines and are well balanced. The dimensions should make the windows look taller and not wider. An ideal ratio is 1:1.6 for every light and casement. Use low-maintenance material such as timber with PVCu coating, aluminium, vinyl, or stained hardwood.

7. Driveway

Make sure there is enough space for parking in the front or on the side of the property. While a garden adds value, the parking space is more valued by prospective buyers.

Before you start making the changes, ensure you comply with the highway rules of the local authorities. If the property is on an unclassified road and not an A or a B road, there is no need to get permission for adding the driveway.

Final thoughts

A home improvement project is not an easy one. You may start with a few changes but end up doing more than you had initially planned. Remodelling jobs can cost more than building something from scratch. You need to do meticulous research, draw the plans, verify the measurements, and have a sufficient budget to complete the work. Our home improvement tips make you prioritize the tasks to be done giving you well-executed and profitable results.


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