Traveling for business can be an exciting opportunity. However, many business travelers are required to jet off to different destinations multiple times a week.

This can lead to a sense of home sicknesses, trouble with consistency, and make work difficult. As such, it’s important that any hotel a business traveler stays in acts as an extension of their life instead of hindering it.

Below are a few things that business travelers want in their hotel room to make sure they can be comfortable during their stay.

1. Location

The better the location, the more likely a business professional is to choose the hotel. Some may even sacrifice savings or quality to simply be located near their destination.

Not only can close proximity limit unnecessary commute times, but it can limit the hassle of planning for a rental car, checking it out and returning it, or navigating a new city.

If public transit was the chosen transportation method, that would bring an entirely new layer of problems. Those can include delays, safety, tugging along supplies, and more.

If a hotel were located further away from a hub, such as a downtown area, then there are ways the hotel can draw in. new customers. For example, providing a shuttle or car service to popular areas or an information desk to make commutes easy to help employees.

This can also apply to the layout of the hotel itself. The last thing a business traveler will want to do after a long day of work is walking down multiple corridors to get to their room. Choosing a hotel with a great layout or a room in a great spot can make all the difference! If you ever find yourself in Nashville, then check out Vacations Made Easy for a great guide on places to stay in Nashville.

2. Internet Access

High on the list of priorities for business professionals is easy access to the internet. For travelers and those doing business away from their physical office, Wi-Fi is essential. Not just Wi-Fi, but more importantly, a great connection. A hotel that invests in high-speed internet and enough bandwidth to support all residents, including pesky streamers and long virtual meeting hours.

In today’s day and age, it is simply not enough to only offer Wi-Fi but to also make it easily accessible and secure. While offering an upgraded package for the fastest rates is not the worst idea, simply having access to the Wi-Fi should never cost.

A business traveler will not want to be bothered with paying higher rates for introductory Wi-Fi. With so many lodging options out there, a hotel can surely miss out on a customer in favor of a more accommodating hotel.

3. Convenience

As the world becomes increasingly tech-savvy, it’s only natural that business people would want up-to-date options. Hotels with modern fixtures, such as automated drape openers and tap keycard access, are easier than manual methods.

Additionally, if the hotel has an app or other smart system in the room, such as a speaker for requests, living is made much easier. This can help in all aspects, including check-in and out, ordering food, or communicating other needs with staff.

4. All-in-One Approach

A hotel that can also offer everything in one place is sure to be a big hit with travelers. Food services, laundry, a fitness center, and coffee make a business traveler’s life much easier! It can be difficult to get situated in a new city, and perhaps not worth it if only staying for a few days. Creating an all-in-one approach is best to help them focus on what matters.

While the world continues changing, some classic amenities are still helpful today. Newspaper delivery may be important for some, while an afternoon teatime can be great for another.

Additionally, including breakfast is a huge benefit for everyone to take advantage of. It’s one less thing to worry about. Versatility will help attract the most guests, though today’s professionals can usually get away with getting news online.

5. Comfortability

If you guessed that comfortability would be a top factor in someone’s hotel choice, you would be correct! Much like a vacation, business travelers want a place to rest their heads and unwind.

Long days of business meetings travel where necessary, and endless negotiations can be draining. Travelers will look for somewhere with a spacious layout, modern, and comfortable atmosphere in addition to other business benefits.

To increase the comfortability in the room, consider making upgrades to outdated fixtures, making sure the room is well lit, and providing travel toiletries and high-quality blankets and sheets. In the case of business travelers, a desk can be particularly helpful for creating a space for productivity.

6. Plenty of Power

Working in conjunction with the above steps is the need for plenty of power outlets. Charging phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices is a nuisance when outlets don’t work, or there aren’t quite enough.

Business travelers need enough outlets free to plugin without having to worry about switching things around.

While that might be a given, it’s also a major plus that the outlets are organized in a logical flow. For example, having no outlets near the desk or beds and only in the bathroom and hallway can be a nightmare!

If the hotel is an older building not properly laid out for convenient charging, offering extension cords at the front desk or in the room may be a solution. After all, most business travelers carry three devices with them!

7. In-House Meeting Rooms

While not technically inside of a business traveler’s room, having a meeting location on the grounds is crucial. Why? It’s one less step to go through when planning events, as travelers don’t need to reach out to a third party for reserving a space.

When making the reservation for their room or checking in, business travelers can also reserve a space for their meeting(s) and know ahead of time that it is secured.

There are few hassles more frustrating than having to coordinate with everyone upon arrival or finding out no meeting spaces are nearby.