Herefordshire is known to have award-winning places, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more. Although UK tourism hasn’t boasted the wonders of Herefordshire the way it deserves to be made known all over the globe, many have still come upon Herefordshire most likely through the Internet or a friend. They have chosen it to be included in their vacation bucket list.

Rightfully so, Herefordshire makes its way to their hearts with its history, art, and breathtaking views. They have mountains and hills all around with pastoral fields you can visit. They have modern buildings with castle architectures, together with historic castles you’d love to wander around in. There are so many places to go to and so many things to do in Herefordshire. Here are some of the top 8 things to do:

  • Glamping

At the top of the list is glamping and fishing around River Wye. River Wye is the 5th largest and longest river in the UK. There are many glamping sites and businesses that offer an excellent staycation for you along River Wye. It is known to have mesmerising sceneries that you can enjoy whether it’s daytime or nighttime. You can enjoy the outdoor experience without having to worry about setting up your tent and cooking equipment, and such. Here is the White House Glamping blog that you can read for more information to know more about the glamping experience in Herefordshire.

  • Fishing

Other than glamping, you can fish in River Wye. It’s an excellent place to catch fish since the upstream is deep and slow before going into the fast downstream. The water is immaculate, thus providing good quality and condition for the fish you will catch. With the sunlight being able to beam through the water, the fishes can develop bright colours.

  • Canoeing

As mentioned, River Wye is one of the longest rivers in the UK, with its lovely scenery as you paddle through, it’s the place to go to.

  • Trekking

You can also go trekking if you’re not much of a fishing-canoeing person. Along with the pastoral fields, there are hills you can go trekking in where you’ll get to enjoy the peace you’re looking for.

  • Exploring the historic villages

Herefordshire is rich in history. It has numerous charming villages and castles you can discover. They have preserved these castles so you can have the experience of somehow going back in time. There is also an abundance of art produced in Herefordshire from years ago or in the modern-day.

  • Going to farms

As Herefordshire has its pastoral fields, it also has many farms with friendly farm animals that your children can play with. These farms are the most child-friendly ones.

  • Reading a book

If you’re not really into outdoor activities, but just want to enjoy the serenity, you can stay in the tipi for your glamping or just sit outside along River Wye where you can enjoy the tranquillity.

Herefordshire is a rural country that can give you one of the best vacation experiences. Its beauty, wonder, and culture are something waiting to be discovered and experienced. It’s indeed the perfect place to go soul-searching by your self or bond with your family and friends.