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70% Rise In Those Making A Will During UK Lockdown


Jun 16, 2020

The rate of those making their final Will has risen over the past few months, as north east Solicitors Tilly Bailey & Irvine explain…

The death of somebody close is something mightily difficult to deal with, and is something that you can never feel prepared for.

You can however prepare your family for the future with the help of a carefully constructed Will.

Since the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown guidelines affected the UK, solicitors and legal bodies reported an increase of around 70% in those coming forward to make their Will in April 2020.

Making Your Will

Thinking of the future and death is not pleasant, but it is valuable when it comes to your family and loved ones later in their lives to think of your possessions and assets.

Firstly, a funeral plan may be particularly important if you have unusual and specific wishes, or perhaps if you have no close family members to make arrangements for you. Secondly, making a will is something that ensures executors are appointed to look after your funeral arrangements, take over possessions and to carry out the administration of your estate.

You will need to set out clearly how your assets are to be dealt with and divided between your beneficiaries. A will is essential if you want to benefit grandchildren or stepchildren, your partner if you are not married, family members who have special needs to be catered for or if you wish to benefit charities.

Can I Still Make A Will During The Pandemic?

Many have asked questions relating to how the will making process is affected by social distancing. Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors’ technology and remote working systems in place ensure legal service continues unaffected.

The sticking point comes from original rules that dictate wills must be witnessed by two people other than spouses and direct beneficiaries. Remote processes make this still possible however, but you should get in touch with your solicitor to understand the wills and probate process.

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