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71% Of UK Women In The UK Find Sites Like OnlyFans Empowering


When you Google ‘OnlyFans’, instantly the search engine provides a large sum of 81,800,000 results, instantly showing its huge following. This even shows a onlyfans map so you can see you is local to you.

The site is well known for providing adult content where anyone can upload images or videos to their own account.

People can then start paying which allows them to see the content, which has now become a perfect side hustle for many.

For example, former Atomic Kitten star, Kerry Katona, is now a millionaire from sharing revealing content on the site, taking her out of financial trouble she faced in 2008.

Some of the other celebrities on the site such as Katie Price, Cardi B and actor Ansel Elgort.

People heading into financial difficulties may spark a further increase in people creating accounts to make their fortune on the site.

Belle Lingerie, the branded lingerie and swimwear retailer, conducted a survey where they asked 1000 women in the UK what makes them feel empowered.

They asked the question, can controversial sites like OnlyFans be empowering for women?

Their results showed the majority of those surveyed, 71% (709) women said yes, whereas 29% (291) said no, they don’t find those sites empowering for women.

Which age group find it the most empowering?

The top age group of women which find sites like OnlyFans empowering, were those in the age bracket of 25 – 34 with 72% (259) saying yes.

This result coincides with research done by 118 118 Money, that side hustles are most common amongst this age group with 78% of Brits taking on a side hustle.

The older generation, being 54 years and over, gave the least amount of responses, although surprisingly the majority of the eldest age group also voted yes, being 76% finding it empowering for women (41).

Which bracket of income finds it the most empowering?

Belle Lingerie even broke it down to see if the answers differed depending on the bracket of income they fall into.

Their results showed that 184 women earning an average salary from £30,000 – £44,000 found OnlyFans can be empowering for women, which was higher than those on the lowest income of under £15,000 where 103 women voted yes.

However, the women on higher incomes which range from £125,000 – £199,999, were the group with almost half of them who voted no to OnlyFans being the least empowering for women.

The results found 56% voted yes, whereas 44% voted no.

Those who voted no explained their reasoning with one voter stating:

“Whilst it does enable women to make money from their sexuality. Ultimately they are giving away too much and can’t get it back”

In total, 291 of the women out of the thousand who voted, stated that they didn’t find sites like OnlyFans can be empowering for women.

The common answer given often refers to women having to use their sexuality as a means to make money to not be a definition of empowerment.

Overall, the  results found the majority of voters agreed that sites like OnlyFans can be empowering for women, as 71% of those who were surveyed stated that they ‘feel confident that I have the right to my own body’.

The older generation are also in agreement that new and emerging sites such as OnlyFans, are changing the definitions of empowerment for women in a positive way.

By JohnB