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8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Go Paperless


Apr 4, 2019

A lot of companies across the world have embraced the digital age. Otherwise, they would not be utilizing a bunch of software and/or applications to manage their support and operation departments. But what they do not realize is that the digital revolution needs to happen now, not tomorrow. Believe it or not, when it comes to the digital revolution, most companies are lagging behind. Ironically, they are not lagging behind for financial reasons. 

Part of this revolution is going paperless. Small businesses, in particular, think that a paperless business is all about streamlining operations and reducing costs. The benefits it brings to the table go beyond environmental implications.

If you are unconvinced, check out these reasons why you should pursue a paperless office solution:

#1. Reduce the Influx of Mail

Sure, sorting through stacks of mail may not necessarily take hours, but it is still time-consuming. And when you are done doing so, your next action is to file, throw, or shred it. Do you agree that reducing the amount of mail in the first place is a better idea?

You can always opt out of receiving paper copies of bills, bank statements, invoices, and other important documents. What you should rather do is receive statements through an online account or email. Besides, reducing the influx of mail adds a substantial layer of security. There is no need for you to worry about misplacing important documents or mail being intercepted.

#2. Finding Documents More Quickly

This one right here is obviously related to the point above. The point is, you are going to take some time and effort in order to sort through even the most organized filing system. At the end of the day, documents will get misplaced, folders will shuffle, and statements will be misfiled, just to name a few. All of those are hours you are going to pay for. 

#3. Results In Staff Efficiency

There is a reason why it is essential for companies to make their staff work more efficiently. It is simply because it can help in saving money. Why don’t you think software like SysAid change management software exists nowadays? Sure, it is designed to help you better control and manage change requests, but it is all about making your staff more efficient. 

The same thing can be said if you go paperless. Let’s say you implement a paperless business system. There is no need for you to sort through mountains of documents or paperwork. If you have a cloud-based filing system implemented, you can easily access data from any device as long as there is an internet connection.

To put it simply, you can finally eliminate the worrisome paper hunt and allow your staff to pull data with a keystroke. This gives them the ability to focus on tasks that are more important and, in turn, help you save money.

#4. Promotes Fewer Data Errors

It holds true that errors can happen from time to time. They even tend to exist regardless of the form your data takes. However, if you go for the digital route, you are going to eliminate a deluge of them. From misreading information because of poor handwriting to mistakes after losing documents, these are just some of the common errors you can eliminate by going paperless. And when your business has fewer mistakes, your clients and/or customers will be happier.

#5. Makes Customer Payment Faster

Extending credit to customers means sending invoice(s) to them at some point. But instead of sending customers paper invoices, you can go for an electric invoice route. This saves you a lot of money on envelopes, paper, and postages, among others. Interestingly, going paperless is not just about saving money on supplies – it can also enable you to expedite the payment process.

When you send an electronic invoice, say, via email, your customers will receive it immediately. As such, it can speed up how soon they can pay. This is most especially the case if you use software designed to let you create and/or track invoices. Through this type of software, you can efficiently handle unpaid invoices and send out follow-up payment requests whenever you deem necessary. 

It should be noted, though, that some customers are not entirely fond of electronic invoices. They prefer the traditional physical invoice. So, as much as possible, your business should have this option implemented.

#6. Streamlines Business Owner Responsibilities

As a business owner, withholding and remitting taxes are among your primary responsibilities. And no matter what business structure you follow, you still owe taxes to the government. If you have employees, you are still going to owe even more taxes. 

Sometimes, paying taxes is not really an issue – it is more on how complicated the process can be. That is why there is a need for businesses to simplify their tax payment responsibilities. For starters, they all can choose to register with EFTPS or Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. Using the latter is free and, more importantly, makes tax payments easier to do. But apart from streamlining the process, it also allows you to check your payment history.

#7. Protects You From Disaster

The most interesting aspect of going paperless is that you can back databases up. But when it comes to a filing cabinet with paperwork, it simply cannot. What do you think will happen if this cabinet gets eaten up by fire or whatever mishaps you can think of? The point is, those documents are lost forever. And since they are not backed up, expect yourself to face a mountain of legal troubles. 

A digital database, on the other hand, gives you the ability to back up databases. You can also store them wherever you like. You can go for cloud storage if you want. At the end of the day, you can have peace of mind.

#8. Improves Customer Service

Engaging your business in some document scanning can help you improve customer service. And instead of just saving money after going paperless, it can also help you make money. Your people are able to attend to guest requests faster and even solve issues quicker. And since they can access information faster, they can handle customer support better. When customers walk away happy, they are likely to return to you or recommend your service to others.

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