While being stuck inside more than usual these months, you may start to realize that your home needs some new decor. If you don’t want to spend the money on modern home decor, you can bring out your creative side and try your hand at some DIY projects.

If you are looking to upgrade your living space, keep on reading to find out about some fun and stylish DIY decor projects to try.

1. Starburst Mirrors

Adding a mirror to your decor can elevate the style in your room, and even make the room feel more open.

For this project, you can add flair to the mirror by adding metal to make a starburst shape. You can use copper wiring and attach the wiring to the sides and back of the mirror to give it the shape you want.

By adding the wiring yourself, you can get creative. This will make the piece unique and not a commercial store-bought one. Creating a starburst mirror yourself will not only save you money but allow you to add an eccentric piece to your home.

2. Modern Bench

If you are looking for more seating in your home, you can try your hand at making a bench.

You can get creative and choose the fabric to match the colors of the room, or even go for a bold pattern to make a statement piece. All you’ll really need for this project are foam, particleboard, hairpin legs, and the fabric you want.

Once you create your piece you’ll have all your guests asking where you got it, and you can proudly say you made it yourself!

3. Marble Coasters

Everyone loves a DIY that’s stylish but also functional. These coasters will add subtle details to your room while also being useful for your morning cup of coffee or your nightly gin and tonic.

You can use small tiles or even hexagon lids for the coaster and then use clay to shape the coaster. You can get creative with the colors of clay. If you want a marble look go for black and white clay. When you mix the clay together you’ll use the white to make the streaking to give it the marbleized look.

Once the clay hardens you don’t need to do anything else. You can seal the tops of the coasters to give a glossy look or just leave the clay as is for a more rustic look.

This is a great afternoon project that you’ll enjoy doing!

4. Ladder Plant Stand

If you’re someone who loves plants then this is the DIY for you! You’ll need some wood and the proper tools and a measuring tape, but overall it shouldn’t be too complex!

You’ll attach longer pieces of wood to the legs of the plant stand to give it the shelves. You can even stain the wood to match the wood color in your room. Once you have the ladder stand together you can place all your favorite plants together.

5. Tassel Wall Hanging

Another great DIY project is creating a wall hanging. You’ll need some rope, and a rod to hang the piece on.

If you’re looking for a modern look, you can use black rope while if you’re wanting to keep a rustic look go for the natural rope color.

You can make these pieces as complex or as simple as you want. You can find templates to show you how to create patterns within the rope and even add beads within the design.

What’s great about these wall hangings is you can make a huge piece if you are looking for an eye-catching statement piece or something small to give accent to your room.

6. Metal Wall Grid

If you are going for an industrial look, make sure you create yourself a metal wall grid. This piece will be great to hang clocks, pictures, and lights from.

All you’ll need to pick up from the store is the wiring. From there you can create a system of grids with the wire. You can choose how small or big the grids are depending on what you are looking to decorate it with.

This DIY will add modern flair to your room, and you’ll be happy with the results.

7. Wood Framed Mirror

If you are looking for a new floor mirror, why not make one yourself? You can pick up a cheap mirror from any home store then head over to the hardware store to get some wood.

You’ll frame the mirror into the wood and then can stain the wood to match a coffee table or bed frame. This project will be easy but still add some style to your room.

8. Ceiling Fans

One way to give your room life is to redo your ceiling fan. If you have wooden paddles on the fan, you can take them off and either repaint them or sand them down and restain the paddles.

The cost of this DIY is low since you’ll really only need some paint. If you want to up it further, use painters tape to make a chevron pattern on the paddles.

If you’re looking to replace your ceiling fan completely make sure to check out these ceiling fans for home living.

9. Leather Hook Rack

If you need a new place to hang your keys and coat, look no further! You can make your own rack with just a rod, leather, and some hooks.

The leather will add the mid-century look you are going for. You can style the leather with a black matte rod that will bring together the whole room. You won’t have to worry about losing your keys anymore.

Try These Modern Home Decor DIY’s

Now that you have read through these DIY ideas its time to get to the store to begin your modern home decor DIY. You’ll have fun doing these projects on your own while elevating your home.

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