Maybe you’ve heard of a bioethanol fireplace before? If not, now is the perfect time to get familiar with the increasingly popular fireplace. With autumn and winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to invest in an eco-friendly and low-maintenance bio ethanol fireplace for your home.  

What is a Bioethanol Fireplace? are experts in environmentally friendly fireplaces and explain why a bioethanol fireplace is a great way to add that final touch to your home. An ethanol fire is both smart, versatile, and very easy to handle making it an easy way to improve your home environment. 

A bio ethanol fire does not require a chimney or vent, as it burns on bioethanol fuel. The fuel is produced mainly from organic materials such as potatoes, corn, and sugar cane. This means that during burning only CO2, heat, and evaporated water are emitted. Bio fires do not emit either smoke or soot. This also means that you can install the biofuel fireplace virtually anywhere you’d like and enjoy the flames and cosiness of the bioethanol fire almost right away! What’s not to like? Bioethanol fireplaces come in a wide range of sizes, designs, shapes, and colours. There should be a biofire that fits your taste and home, as they’re available as a wall mounted fireplace, ceiling mounted bioethanol fireplace or freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces. It’s important to say that a bioethanol fire does not radiate heat the same way a traditional stove does. However, a bioethanol fire will increase the room temperature by a few degrees while also adding a cosy feeling to the room. So, if you’re looking for easy ways to cosy up the home for winter and make your home look more luxorious at the same time, a bioethanol fireplace might do the trick! 

A bioethanol Fireplace is an eye-catching attention stealer 

Even though bioethanol fires come in a variety of different designs and models, it’s also possible to build your own bio ethanol fireplace to fit exactly into your needs and desires. It’s possible to build a bioethanol fireplace TV wall with a TV above the bio ethanol fireplace, but it’s also possible to build a statement wall with a bioethanol fire where it’s possible to see the flames from multiple sides. Though the ethanol fireplace will create extra warmth and cosiness in your home, it will surely also be an attention stealer and the topic to talk about! However, there are also other ways to decorate your home to give a good first impression. 

Bioethanol Fireplace – An eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative  

If you have an old wood burning stove but want an eco-friendlier alternative, it is also possible to easily convert an old wood-burning stove into a bioethanol fire. What is needed is simply a bioethanol burner or a bioethanol fireplace grate – a specific type of bioethanol burner that includes a frame and is specifically designed to give new life to an old, classic fireplace with a closed chimney. Just place a bioethanol burner inside the existing stove, and you can enjoy your eco-friendly ethanol fireplace without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the bioethanol fire! And remember – bio ethanol fires do not require much – basically, they only need the bioethanol fuel to burn – that’s it!