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A Guide On Purchasing Football Gloves To Improve Your Game


Nov 18, 2019 #Sports

The Variations Between Receivers And Lineman Football Gloves

Football gloves enhance your performance on the gridiron by offering protection for your hands and give you a superior grip to maneuver the ball. Contingent on the needs you have on the field, your gloves should provide either more grip or protection and other variables like flexibility, weight, and fit.

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Receivers Gloves

Running backs and receivers must hold onto and control the ball while remaining agile and light on their feet through traffic. Also, it’s important that you choose high quality and cost-effect soccer balls for your upcoming game events. Gloves designed for such players should have features that offer:

Better palm grip.

An extended tack around the fingers, from the palm and up the thumb.

Lightweight padding on the backhand to offer protection from impact.

Flexible and lightweight construction.

Lineman Gloves

Linemen take the most severe hits on the field; therefore, their gloves must be built tough to protect their fingers and hands from abrasion, hyperextension, and damage. Most lineman gloves have features that offer:

Rigid finger stays and frames for preventing fingers from bending backward while holding back the other line.

More durable and heavier material than receiver gloves to be able to withstand more abuse.

Few or no tackiness in the palms.

Enhanced backhand and palm padding to protect the player from impacts.

What Type Of Grip Do Football Gloves Provide?

Various brands design their gloves with different styles and types of palm grip, to provide additional control and tackiness on the ball. For more info on the best football gloves, read here. Nearly exclusively completely designed for receiver gloves, the following types of grip perform a tad differently, contingent on durability and conditions:

  • Cutters C-Tack– One of the most preferred and long-lasting grip styles. C-Tack offers a continues tacky grip that restores when washed.
  • Armour Grab Tack Under armor gloves are equipped with palm material that offers an extremely sticky grip that is prolonged over the thumb to provide added ball control.
  • Neumann Tackified leather palm– The basic leather palm fits snuggly, offering layers a natural grip and feel on the ball.
  • Adidas seamless silicone high-gloss palm– Generally found in Adidas football gloves, the palm material offers a solid grip that is extending around the thumb.

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Features To Consider When Looking To Purchase A Pair Of Football Gloves

  • Superior football gloves offer various extra features and advantages that protect the hand, improve performance, and offer enhanced comfort.
  • Improved Insulation – Modern football gloves use ventilated backhands and mesh between the fingers to enhance airflow, get rid of hot air, and typically keep your hands dry, cool, and comfortable.
  • Padding – Flexible and lightweight padding in the palm and backhand are a typical feature in superior lineman gloves and assist with softening impacts and protecting the hand.
  • High-quality materials – Football gloves made from high-quality materials are performing in all weather conditions. The improved strength keeps them functioning for years to come. Look for synthetic, stretchable materials with reinforced seamed and seamless construction.
  • Aggressive Style – Modern football gloves are designed with cool, dynamic colors and styles, with exciting palm configurations.

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