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A Guide to Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Years Together


May 31, 2023

We are used to celebrating beautiful dates of married life such as 10, 25, 30, and 50 years. But for the spouses themselves, every year is a special date when you want to use anniversary flowers delivery in London to please each other. And what celebration takes place without bouquets? We will tell you what flowers for wedding anniversaries are customary to give. The material is useful both for men who are considering a gift for their wives and for children who want to congratulate their parents.

What Flowers to Give a Wedding Anniversary by the Year

Some dates are directly related to certain flowers. We will list them. If the date is not included in the list, then it has nothing to do with flower symbolism. In this case, you can always give roses in such light colours as white, pale pink, cream, or light lilac.

  • Cotton and paper weddings are 1 and 2 years respectively. They are named so because of the fragility of the family. Give delicate anniversary gift flower that symbolise the trembling of feelings such as daisies or miniature spray roses.
  • For 4 years – linen or rope – ask to tie the bouquet with twine or arrange it in natural burlap. The gift immediately becomes symbolic because the marriage has already become strong and reliable.
  • For the first mini-anniversary, 5 years, a wooden wedding, order a composition in a frame or a heart-shaped wooden box.
  • Further years from 6th to 12th are named after metals of various strengths. The harder the metal, the stronger the marriage bond. We recommend, if possible, choosing shades of buds following the colour of the metal. For example, for 7 years (copper) buy bright orange roses, for 8 years (tin) pick flowers of a muted powdery tone. For the 10th anniversary (tin), you can choose dark-coloured plants.
  • 13 years is lace or lily of the valley anniversary. From the name, it is clear which bouquet to prefer. If you can’t find lilies of the valley, buy white or cream carnations. Their inflorescences resemble exquisite lace.
  • 15 years is a crystal wedding. Crystal represents purity, so choose snow-white tulips or peonies.
  • 17, 18, and 19 years, respectively, pink, turquoise, and pomegranate anniversaries. Give flowers of the same shade. As a gift for the turquoise anniversary, we offer a rose in a flask. It is a symbol of eternal love.

What Flowers to Give for 25 Years and More Anniversary

25 years and more are serious dates. Pay special attention to choosing the right bouquet:

  • 25 years is a silver wedding. Give 25 premium or tall-stem Ecuadorian roses to the celebration.
  • 31 years is a swarthy or sunny anniversary. Give sunflowers as a sign of cloudless happiness and warmth.
  • After 40 years of marriage, the couple celebrates their ruby wedding. Red roses or red peonies are ideal for congratulations.
  • 46 years is lavender which is the only floral name for the anniversary. Be sure to find a bouquet of fresh lavender.

Which Flowers to Give for 50th Anniversary

The golden wedding is one of the most important anniversaries that is usually celebrated magnificently. Present a flower armful of fifty buds. Not to cause inconvenience to your spouse or parents due to the severity of the composition, you can order flowers in a basket.

Families who have lived for more than 50 years are considered veterans of matrimony. The symbolic meaning of gifts is no longer important but the attention and care of children and grandchildren. Choose beautiful resistant flowers such as chrysanthemums or gerberas.

The Symbolism of Colors

When choosing a composition for a wedding anniversary, it is worth remembering the symbolism of the colour scheme. Properly chosen shades of the bouquet will help express feelings better.

Meaning of colours:

  • White plants symbolise pure and tender relationships.
  • Red happy anniversary flowers represent love and passion. Such a bouquet should be given by the husband to his lovely wife, not the guests.
  • Green flora means harmony and happiness in the family.
  • Orange plants represent good health and comfort.
  • Purple flowers are interpreted in different ways, some consider them sad but others say that they are elegant.
  • Yellow plants should be given with caution. Some consider such a flower for anniversary a symbol of separation although it denotes joy and warmth.
  • The composition of blue flowers represents constancy and devotion.

Flower Arrangement Options

Beautiful packaging will help to add solemnity to the festive composition.

A few packaging ideas:

  • A chic basket of flowers for anniversary years, complemented by greenery and a bright ribbon.
  • Composition in a hat box. It is better to choose a contrasting package and decorate it with a voluminous bow.
  • Bouquet tied with a contrasting lace ribbon.

Professional florists will help you to select the best anniversary bouquet for your loved ones.  Buy flowers in London with delivery on “My Flowers” to please your relatives and friends. A beautiful bouquet will be delivered on time to the specified address and will bring a lot of joy to the recipient!




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