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A Holiday getaway to the Algarve

British schoolchildren are basking in holiday bliss. For one week, they can turn their backs on school. Stress, frustration, and homework are banished for a short time and the passing freedom can be enjoyed to the full. But as nice as the time together with the family is, the weather forecast for the coming days does not bode well. Continuous rain and a grey blanket of clouds cover the skies of Great Britain and ruin planned activities. But government easing means British citizens are no longer obliged to spend the temporary respite from everyday life in the UK. So, why not make the most of the remaining days and head for more southerly regions? The beautiful south coast of Portugal, the Algarve, for example, is only a few minutes away by plane and a true paradise for holidaymakers.

The Algarve – a magical destination

The Algarve is a true dream for beach fans. The cliffs of the popular holiday resort shine from earthy ochre tones to fiery red and offer the observer a beautiful colour spectacle. The region stretches west from Cape Cabo de São Vicente to the city of Faro in the east. Again and again, secluded bays with fine sandy beaches hide along this famous coastline, inviting you to relax and bathe.

The weather is also particularly appealing to Britons. The Algarve has a mild climate all year round and attracts more than 3000 hours of sunshine. The inhabitants usually have an excellent command of the English language, and if not: facial expressions and gestures are quite sufficient in most situations. In contrast to other southern states, Portugal is considered an extremely safe and quiet country. Crime and violence are a true rarity, as the Portuguese strive for sociability, harmony, and fun.

Unique accommodation

Portugal has long fought its way out of the shadows of France and Spain and is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers. For this reason, travellers have a wide choice of accommodation. Besides hotels, there are several private apartments in the Algarve. The homely accommodations are often equipped with pools and provide refreshments. Many owners offer free cancellation and thanks to the incredible variety, there is something for every budget.

Algarve Hot Spots

The Algarve is a European holiday destination that attracts all types of holidaymakers: from family holidays to a singles trip to a sportive get-away, everything is possible if you get a proper car rental in Portugal. While the fine sandy beach is perfect for sandcastles and adventurous games, sports enthusiasts can let off steam by surfing, hiking, or cycling. But no matter what type of traveller you are, you should not miss the following insider tips:

  1. The old town of Lagos has an incomparable charm. The small streets are perfect for an afternoon stroll and will take you to places, cultural highlights, and culinary delights of the city. From the harbour, you can take a boat trip to Ponta de Piedade.
  1. The beautiful Ria Natural Park is made up of lagoons, dunes, and islands and is a vast wetland area in the south of Portugal. The area offers incredible flora and fauna.
  1. The circular walk from Carrapateira along the Portuguese Views is a highlight for nature lovers. The swells of the Atlantic Ocean can be admired at close range, and the sunrise offers a spectacular view.
  1. In the Algar de Benagil cave, you will be taken back to the time of “1000 and one nights”. The cave is entered from the beach and extends deep into the earth. A natural circular window was created on the cave ceiling thousands of years ago – a wonder of nature!
  1. The resort of Albufeira is bursting with life. You can get a culinary overview and fill your belly and heart in the numerous restaurants. Local products and specialities are sold in boutiques and shops.

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