Direct from the West End, Cirque Berserk! celebrates the 250th Anniversary of the invention of circus with a jaw-dropping spectacular. The show bursts onto the Tyne Theatre stage from Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th June.

Presented by Zippos, Cirque Bersek! is real Circus made for theatre, combining contemporary cirque-style artistry with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action. This incredibly talented troupe includes…

The Lucius Team
The astonishing Lucius Team presents a petrol-fuelled hair-raiser: The motorcycle Globe of Death – live on stage for the first time in the UK. Hold your breath and raise the roof as up to 4 bikers ride upside down in the globe at speeds of up to 60mph. The louder you cheer, the faster they go!

Timbuktu Tumblers
Taking acrobatic art from the streets of Africa to a whole new level, The Timbuktu Tumblers present an incredible display of pyramids, jumping through hoops and flaming limbo poles, set to blow you away with their energy and skill.

Bolas Argentinas
Most famously used by the gauchos (Argentinian cowboys), Gabriel and Germaine make the tradition throwing weapons “bolas” their own in a dangerous display of daring and talent. Do not try this at home!

With the ability to shoot an arrow with perfect aim with her feet whilst standing on her hands, this “Lady from the Bottle”, straight from Mongolia, is the most flexible archer you will ever encounter!

Tropicana Troupe
This outstanding troupe all the way from Cuba catapult themselves high into the air as they perform a range of incredible tricks from flick flacks to somersaults!

“The higher the better” is the motto of strap acrobat Jackie from the United Kingdom, who performs hair-raising tricks mid-air to the astonishment of audiences.

Germaine Delbosq
Germaine from France is one of the most skilled foot jugglers of our time, able to throw and catch balls, rings, cubes and even flaming objects with her feet!

Nothing will prepare you for the speed with which the Czech knife thrower Toni hurls knifes and axes towards the board, without so much as a graze to the skin of his brave assistant….we hope!

Zula is a Mongolian master of the Tower of Chairs; one of the oldest thrill acts in the world. Despite its age, the stunt has lost nothing of its thrilling quality.

High above the stage, Laci demonstrates his amazing skill, strength and artistry in this rarely-performed aerial pole act.

Jose and Gaby
Extraordinary strength, agility and balance from Colombia’s internationally acclaimed hand-to-hand duo.

Berserk Dancers and Aerial Ballet
The high-kicking, high-energy Hungarian Cirque Berserk dance ensemble and aerial ballet will delight you throughout the show.

Giant Robot
Our giant, fire breathing robot is a favourite with audiences, that needs to be seen to be believed!

The Mustache Brothers
This highly skilled Brazilian duo amaze and entertain with their fearless physical comedy. With high speed tumbling, daring acrobatics and bags full of humour up their sleeves, The Mustache Brothers will be sure to leave you in stitches!

Enjoy the awe-inspiring spectacle of Circus in the stunning surrounds of the Grade 1 listed Tyne Theatre & Opera House. Cirque Berserk! is a show like no other!

Theatre Director Joanne Johnson says: “Most people know the Tyne Theatre & Opera House for comedians and musicals, but we pride ourselves on keeping our programme varied and love to welcome shows that are a little out of the ordinary! A Victorian Opera House is probably not the first place you’d imagine watching a Circus, but Cirque Berserk! is an experience designed specifically for theatre, and we can’t wait for this breath-taking show to take over ours.”

Ticket prices

Stalls & Grand Circle: adults £27.50, concessions (over 65s & students) £24.50, children (under 16) £15.50, limited view £18.50, family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) £70

Upper Circle: adults £24.50, concessions £19.50, children £15.50, limited view £18.50, family ticket £70

Show is recommended for ages 6+

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