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A Quick and Simple Travel Checklist

ByDave Stopher

May 19, 2021

When preparing to go on holiday or a business trip, it’s always a smart idea to get the essentials together sooner rather than later. Packing enough clothes, your phone charger, and other electronics you might need are probably one of the first things you do. However, while these are all important, make sure you don’t forget to think about the following and leave them until the last minute.

Book a Cab

If you are travelling to your destination by train or plane, it’s wise to book a cab to take you to the airport the day before you leave. Although services such as Uber and Lyft are relatively reliable, there is nothing worse than panicking about being late for a flight or missing your train. Booking a cab in advance will mean you are leaving your home on time and makes the start of your journey less stressful.

Travel Documents

Have you ever frantically searched your bag for your boarding pass, passport, or train tickets and had the horrible realization you have left them on your nightstand at home? If so, you have probably been extra careful to triple-check you have these documents before you leave the house ever since. Always make sure that you have printed out spare copies of your boarding passes, etc., just in case. You can purchase travel wallets that keep your passport and other documents all together and place this in a secure pocket in your bag or jacket so it doesn’t get lost.

Be Mindful of Liquids

When travelling via plane, you will be familiar with only being able to take containers of 100ml, and you must keep all of these together in a clear bag. Liquids include things like makeup, deodorant, perfume, and if you vape, you’re e-liquids. If you do vape, you should also be mindful that you should only pack it in your carry-on luggage and that you can take up to 20 batteries on the plane with you. If you’re running low on e-liquid before your trip, you can stock up at Vape Juice.

Emergency Numbers

Another thing you should have on your travels is emergency numbers. This should be things like your country’s embassy and consulate in the country you’re traveling to, knowing what the number is for the emergency services there, and leaving contact information with your friends and family in case they need to reach you. It should be easy enough to find these online.

Contact Details of Accommodation

These will be useful for your friends and family to reach you, but you need to know these as well. You should have a number for your hotel or from the person you’re renting a flat or house from during your stay; these are usually included on your booking confirmation. In case you arrive and there are issues with your accommodation, or if you are running late and won’t be there at the scheduled check-in time, etc., it’s good to let them know.

If you want to be well prepared for your travels, make sure you use this quick and simple checklist so you don’t forget the essentials.