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A small note on advantages of cryptocurrency: Check this out

ByDarshan Shah

Jun 10, 2020

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become widely popular, and plethora’s of people are using it to make consistent money. The currency deals in exchange marketing and trading of different stocks that are listed worldwide on the torque trading systems.  Compared to other platforms for trading, the bitcoin is a more convenient way to trade in worldwide currency exchange and stocks. Today we will be discussing some aspects, which makes the cryptocurrency a better option when it comes to trading.

Demo account

The biggest advantage of the torque trading system is that a user can create the demo account for themselves before trading with money. In the stock trading market, there is no option available for demo account registration so that a person can practice how to trade in currency and exchange. Moreover, the mode of trading in bitcoin demo trading account is identical to real exchange market trading. Due to such a feature, an individual easily gets to know about trading in a brief and profound manner.

 However, once they have learned about the trade they can use a similar account to purchase stocks and invest in foreign exchange options with that, on the other hand, if we talk about the value of bitcoin, there is no correct valuation of it. The currency all depends upon your trading method and investment that you make when purchasing the stocks from it. The valuation starts from zero and goes upto millions; being a digital currency bitcoin is also highly secured.

  • Better liquidity

  • Faster and reliable international transaction of payments

  • Low fees for payment transactions

  • Highly secured compared to traditional currencies

The leverage

In the real stock market and currency exchange, there is almost ten percent of leverage is maximum, which is given to the trader by the stockbroker. However, the case is different from cryptocurrency because, in this method of foreign exchange options and trading, a user can get leverage upto fifty to a hundred percent. Moreover, there is no condition that the trader has to pay the amount of leverage sum if they have done their day trade using the bitcoin. The reason is giving the trader reliability to pay the sum of the amount within three to five days after the trading. On the other hand, if you want to trade in some of the biggest international stocks than the cryptocurrency is the best option.

It has listed some of the huge brands which have been doing great in the stocks for a while. In previous years some people have even said that cryptocurrency is the finest investment to grow the money. Apart from that, to make an account in bitcoin, there is no additional paper requirement needed. All a person needs is to have a registered e-mail id and phone number, and they can open an account. In addition, there is no requirement for the bank statement, which is a compulsion in the stock market account opening. You can submit the payment via online payment, which doesn’t even charge for higher currency exchange fees.