NEWCASTLE-based Robson Laidler Accountants has launched a major new initiative to help the region’s businesses get an extra £1million and make the world a happier place by creating a million smiles.


The “Get and Give A Million” campaign will help businesses in the region gain or save an extra £1million and to help the UN achieve its Global Goals by creating a million micro-impacts and smiles for people in need.


Launching the initiative, Robson Laidler’s managing director Graham Purvis said: “We want to make a real impact on the lives of business owners. An impact that flows over into their families, communities, economies and the wider world. An impact that will help make the world a better place.


“So we have launched “Get and Give A Million” as a free initiative that helps in two ways. Firstly, by making life better for business owners, their businesses and their loved ones (this is the “Get A Million” part). And secondly by helping them to play a bigger game, so they can have more of an impact, and create more of a legacy by supporting the UN’s Global Goals (this is the “Give A Million” part).


“Business owners can get involved in three ways; by becoming a client, having a free ‘Get and Give A Million’ meeting, or by attending one of our events. Whichever one it is they choose the contribution we make from the UN’s sustainable development goals, which have been narrowed down by our staff, including Clean Water and Sanitation, Quality Education, No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Good Health to families in countries such as Nepal, Cambodia and Ethiopia.


“And for every person who signs up to one of our events, seminars or training sessions we will provide e-learning to a child in a developing country.”


Since launching the initiative Robson Laidler has already saved its clients over £140,000 and made 18,000 impacts or smiles around the world.


Graham continued: “During the Give A Million meeting we use our skills as great accountants to identify ways to add thousands, and even millions, to their business and personal bank accounts. The areas covered will usually include profit improvement, tax planning, cost reduction, wealth management and personal finance.


“They leave the meeting with a detailed action plan, a clear understanding of their top three priorities and the lovely warm feeling that comes with knowing they have also helped us take a step towards our target of creating a million micro-impacts and smiles for those in need.”


One of the first clients to come on board with the initiative is leading home ventilation company Envirovent North East, who will save £40,000 over five years thanks to tax advice from Robson Laidler.


27-year old Anthony Hunter has recently taken over the North East franchise aiming to make it a £380,000 turnover business in his first year and is projecting a 10% increase year on year within the first five years. He also hopes to create up to seven new jobs within five years.


Mr Hunter been so impressed with the Get and Give a Million campaign that he has also launched it to its customers, by stating for every new installation the company will provide access to bathroom facilities to a family in rural India for one month.


Anthony Hunter said: “Robson Laidler are a forward thinking and charitable business. Not only do they give sound business advice but are always looking at other innovative ways to help businesses achieve success such as the Get and Give A Million campaign.”