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Advertising LED Solutions to Promote your Brand

ByDave Stopher

May 23, 2019 ##retail, #Lights

There are many ways to get your brand’s message and values across to your target audience using an LED screen. Large screens command attention whether they are in Time Square or part of a window display. In an age where we expect digital images, a conventional poster or a billboard simply gets lost in the noise. An LED screen, however, is seen, heard, and acknowledged.

With this in mind let’s take a closer look at the advertising LED screen options.

Indoor or Outdoor Screens

LED screens can be used in a window display, a wall display or a large outdoor screen to catch the eye. You have probably seen this plastered to the side of a wall or next to a highway. As a general rule of thumb for smaller screens, you want the pixels close together to make coherent images. For larger screens pixel space is not as important.

The beauty of LED screens is that they are adaptable and customizable and work for any size of business.


Brightness is an important factor when getting your message out to your target market. Too bright and you risk white out during hot sunny days. Too dim and people won’t be able to see your message. At night screens that are too bright can be a traffic risk and annoy residence.

The better suppliers provide a way of controlling the brightness of the screen. Some, even provide a light sensor that controls the brightness in accordance with the ambient light.

Customizable Screen Size

It is important that you get the right sized screen for your marketing strategy. If your target audience is about 300 ft away you will need a screen that they can see. As such, it is important to select a provider such as Visualled that can provide the right screen for the job and your requirements. Screens are all about getting the message out there and this is why the size is so important.

Durable Screens

It may seem obvious to state you want a screen that is durable and can withstand the rigors of the weather but so many suppliers provide screens that stop functioning if the temperature gets too high, or the IP protection is too low.

As such, ensure your screen is fit for purpose before you part with your cash. Your message is going to be seen by no one if the screen overheats on a hot day.

Situating your Screen

Screen position is important. You want to be able to catch the attention of as much passing traffic as possible. If the screen is slightly too low or too high it will lose passing traffic. Therefore, it is important that you ensure your screen is positioned just right. This really comes into its own for outdoor screens.

That said, having an indoor screen in the wrong place will also cost you. Imagine a shopping mall where the screen is positioned in a poor location that sees less foot traffic than other places in the mall. Bad positioning can really be a lost opportunity.

Understand the Messaging Dynamic

LED screens are one part of your marketing strategy. How they are used and the message you put out are dependent on what you are selling. Consider special offers, new lines, and discounts to make the message more powerful.

For some images, you may only need to display the product. If you sell apparel or perfume this could well be all you may need.

If you are selling a service or a different type of product say books or try to get across a political message you may need to get creative with texts.

When putting images or videos together you want to be as perfect as possible. What does this mean? You want the best quality video or slideshow with just the right length. Too short and the message could be lost, too long and potential customers may switch off and get bored.

LED screens will not sell on their own but with the right message, you can put your offering in people’s minds.

Consider the Six Contacts Rule

The contacts rule is used by online retailers that believe they need six contacts with a potential customer to make a sale. This is why remarketing is so important. Your LED screen could be classed as part of these contacts on the high street or in the shopping mall.

With clever marketing, you can tie your screen message to a website or indeed a street address.

Choosing the Right Vendor

When choosing your provider make sure they are experienced, supportive, and knowledgeable. Good vendors can help you get up and running quickly explaining how to use your screen in plain English. This can be invaluable when you have a hundred and one things to do and only a short space of time to do them.

Get your screen and blast out your message to drive sales.

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