Affiliate marketing is one of those industries that’s exploded over the last few years, thanks to the growth of the internet. There is a whole range of sites out there, designed to explain, review, or promote a product in order to encourage visitors to purchase, thereby earning the affiliate a commission on the cost of the product.

It’s a great business model and one that has encouraged many people to become entrepreneurs — starting their own business from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of bad affiliate sites out there. Lazy, one-page websites promoting a single product and siphoning off earnings from spammy marketing techniques like overselling without educating.

That’s not the goal or the model that good business owners are looking for, however. The best affiliate sites are ones that provide users with valuable, useful, and actionable content and enabling consumers to make educated decisions.

So, let’s see which affiliate industries in 2020 are really making some noise.


Personal finance and consumer finance are two of the biggest hitters in the affiliate marketing industry in 2020. This niche is highly competitive but also highly lucrative, with affiliate commissions off the charts from companies like CapitalOne, QuickenLoans, and Upstart.

This can be a tricky industry to get into because they’re basically doing a complicated balancing act: providing ethical and accurate information in an industry that’s known to be… maybe not-so-ethical? There are, however, a few winners here that have done it right and built user-friendly, useful, and lucrative businesses that tick all the boxes.

The entrepreneurs to keep an eye on here are MoneySavingExpert and Nerdwallet, basically the gold standard of finance affiliate sites (and affiliate sites, in general) for the last few years.

Online casinos

Online casino affiliate programs are absolutely killing it in 2020. These sites offer players a convenient way to play from an enormous collection of games, securely, and from the comfort of their own couch. How could you lose?

The way it works is that casino affiliates take a portion of the losses from popular casinos like Cashmo by offering visitors access to no deposit bonuses and free spins on slots. The catch is that if the player loses, the affiliate wins big… and vice versa. This is called negative carryover and it can be problematic but it really doesn’t have to be if you keep an eye on your earnings.

The best casino affiliates are the ones that offer in-depth, quality reviews on the best gaming programs out there while offering visitors the best bonuses, free spins, and best-bang-for-their-buck, in general. The growth potential here is enormous. The online casino industry is projected to be worth more than US$90 billion by 2024.


Another extremely lucrative (and overcrowded) niche is Online Dating. This industry really rewards those that stand out from the crowd and avoid the sleaze. There are tons of affiliate programs to utilize in this industry, all of which offer generous commissions in a wide variety of platforms such as and eHarmony.

From dating sites to hookup apps, the best cities to live if you’re single, and other valuable guidance, none do it better than DatingAdvice. This site really made a name for itself with beautifully-curated content, actionable advice, and understandable guides to the confusing jumbles of dating information out there.

While focusing on the services available to consumers, DatingAdvice also really shines in its expert advice, such as “How to improve your dating skills,” the wide range of age groups it targets while maintaining a wholesome image, and the excellent reviews of dating sites it provides. By maintaining its outstanding quality, it’s really brought online dating into the mainstream.

Home security

We’re living in the age of automation and our homes are no longer immune to this trend. Home automation, robotics, and artificially intelligent appliances are now a thing. Home security systems offer these futuristic concepts and the gadgets that make it happen, usually all controlled from your personal mobile phone. How cool is that?

Getting in on the home security niche early, Safewise has really made a name for itself in the industry. By focusing on the pain points of concerned parents and homeowners, they’re able to give the best, in-depth information on top security systems, wearable GPS for kids, carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety equipment that consumers are eager to get their hands on.

How can you lose when you ask the question, “Who doesn’t want their home (and family) to be as safe as possible?”

Get in the game

There’s no secret formula to making it big in affiliate marketing. It’s a simple, time-tested method of offering customers information, saving them time and research, and getting rewarded by companies to whom you drive traffic, revenue, or referrals.

This year, some affiliate entrepreneurs are really making some serious hay and getting the most out of what the industry can offer. This performance-based marketing rewards platform isn’t going anywhere, so there’s still time to put on your entrepreneurial hat and get in on the game.