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Agile Group launches multi-million pound data centre in Teesside

CaptureA North East ICT firm has launched its multi-million pound data centre in Teesside.

Agile Group – which uses tailored products and solutions to make IT and Communications work better for businesses – hopes the centre will help to establish itself as the leading ICT provider in the North East and beyond.

The 4,000 square foot data centre will allow businesses to store equipment and data in a safe and secured undisclosed location with services available including data backup, co-location of server equipment and email hosting.

Head quartered in Stockton, Agile Group offers a wide range of solutions such as IT support and equipment, telecoms, internet connections solutions and network infrastructure services. The company has taken this step towards offering data centre solutions after recognising significant changes in the ever evolving IT industry.

Gavin Scotchbrook, chief operations officer at Agile Group, said: “In an industry that is constantly evolving, Cloud Computing is the next best thing. To be able to offer our own data centre facility and solutions means we can deliver effective cloud solutions before our competitors and add value to businesses.

“Our customer base is constantly growing and their ICT needs are evolving and changing. We want to give our customers quicker access to markets and by launching our own data centre, it allows us to offer the more streamlined and efficient solutions that will help businesses do that.”

Paul Jones, chief technical officer of Agile Group, added: “Our new data centre facility is a massive leap forward for us as a business.

“We can now provide our customers with products where we can guarantee their end to end reliability. This is because we now directly control the back end cloud infrastructure where they are delivered from.”

To help with the launch of the data centre, Agile Group obtained the help of Psyche Managing Director Steve Cochrane and multiple charity founder and Venture Capitalist Andy Preston.

Psyche has been a customer of Agile Group for more than 18 months, using the company for IT support services and equipment, therefore understanding the benefits of having data backed up and located in a secure location.

Steve said: “We have been working with Agile Group for a while now and the staff are brilliant at understanding our needs and delivering a solution towards that.

“Straight away I saw the benefit of the data centre and I feel comfortable knowing where my data is and how it is being managed.”

Considered one of the leading figures within the local community, Andy Preston, added: “It’s great to see what the team at Agile Group is doing and the investment it is putting into its business.

“It is exciting to hear a Tees Valley company with such ambitious plans and it all makes for a great offering for customers.”

This year has already seen Agile Group – which employs 35 staff – add staff members to its sales, finance and technical departments and the company is currently recruiting for more sales and technical staff, with the intention of employing an additional 50 staff in the near future.

The company’s existing headquarters will not facilitate this number of staffing levels, so a new premises move is also on the agenda for 2016.

For more information, please visit www.agile.uk.com

Twitter: @AgileGroupLtd

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