Have you ever wondered about a marketplace where you can buy any appliance? And there is nothing better than a free installation and disposal. You must be wondering if that’s even possible, right? But with Euronics, you can get everything that you wish.

Euronics is an English brand that provides all kinds of equipment that you need in your daily life. They have electronic appliances and kitchenware. Apart from that, they also have expertise in small appliances and smart tech gadgets. Now, what do they have so unique and different from their competitors?

Well, for starters, they provide a platform for different electrical retailers coming together to solve your appliance needs. They have a digital presence alongside retail stores. The best part of purchasing through Euronics is you get the best quality devices at an affordable price. Moreover, they also offer discounts and initiate sales promotions to give you the best deals. The team at the company believes in providing top-notch solutions. So, what else do they offer?

Euronics Offerings

The company has different stores, and each of them is run by independent retailers. However, the price and discount promised by them will be prevalent in the stores as well. The operating hours may differ accordingly, though. The products that are displayed on the website will have the same price and features. But the retailers may also have some additional products to offer. So, you can look for other products if something interests you.

The company has over 600 stores making it viable to reach every customer. The website also has a store locator to help you find your nearest store. It also has a detailed buyer’s guide to aid you in finding the right product. Another unique proposition of their business model is the installation and disposal.

We all have this worry about how we can dispose of the old appliance. Sometimes, we also find it difficult to install a new appliance. They offer installation service free of cost and they will also guide you through the initial operating procedure. Now, this helps us to understand the new appliance much better. But disposal of the old appliances has always been cumbersome. With changing laws and the environment dynamics, we are not complacent to properly dispose of the appliances. But, Euronics will help through with that. You can request for disposal and their team will do this according to the legislation.

Categories To Look Out For

As the name suggests, they are more into electronic items. But they also provide items for cleaning the house, kitchen, and many more. Some of the categories that you must look for are:

  • Laundry – you will get a plethora of products ranging from washing machines to tumble dryers.
  • Refrigeration – this category entails small to large fridges and freezers to support your refrigeration needs.
  • Dishwashers – starting from free standing semi-automatic to fully automatic dishwasher, you can find any kind of dishwasher suitable for you.
  • Cooking – cookware, kitchenware, cookers, ovens, and microwaves are available in this category.
  • Floorcare – you can find vacuum cleaners of different types.

So, these are some of the categories that we want you to look at. But you can explore through different sections as well to find the right appliance for your home.