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Amazon Best Sellers Rank; Everything You Need To Know To Succeed In 2021

ByDave Stopher

Jun 14, 2021

Amazon has millions of products for the top eighteen markets in the world. It not only helps buyers and sellers but also the products in getting the due rating. It keeps an eye on the sales or buying of every product available for sale. Amazon awards the rank to every product that is presented for sale. It solely depends on the performance of that particular product. Of course, the time will differ for every product. A fresh item cannot overturn everything to beat a product that is sold for the past three to five years. Similarly, it is always difficult for a new seller to get the desired rank rapidly. It is vital to learn how to do smart marketing on Amazon because that’s the only way forward. A seller can sell more of its products by marketing efficiently on the platform. Amazon marketing is a little different from conventional marketing but it works the same way. It will promote and sell more of your products at the end of the day.

One can manage the keywords, do SEO, and can run the PPC campaigns to win the race. It is the only way forward when it comes to marketing things on Amazon. One cannot win prospects by placing items on the billboards. Running conventional product promotions on cable TV is never going to improve the ranking of your products. It is not going to appear in the organic search results through print media ads. Hence the solution is simple to learn the art of Amazon marketing or contact an Amazon marketing agency for proper solutions.

What Is Amazon Best-Seller Rank (BSR)?

Amazon BSR is a rank that is allotted to the items sold on the platform. It depends solely on how a product performs over a specific period. Seeing BSR as 1 for your product means your product is among the top-selling items. While a seller rank #200,000 means, it is trending and trading a little low in the list of best-selling items. The seller rank is not awarded for the overall performance but rather is specific to the product category. Having number.1 product BSR only means being number one in a specific category. Although it is good to have the best BSR it never means that it is the only parameter to measure success.

Millions of products are competing on Amazon and hundreds of thousands are there in a single category. Therefore seeing a product gaining the best BSR overnight is not something you can call as realistic. But it never means that the product will not be generating revenues. It might have been earning thousands of dollars per week for the seller.

How to Improve your BSR?

Improvement in the Amazon BSR is only possible through accelerating sales for that product. Now how can you attain it for your product is something very interesting, right? The answer is simple Amazon marketing and promotions. But how to do it for your product? Here is how you can do it.

i.                Adjust your keywords everywhere

Keywords are key to manage things on Amazon. Since it works as a search engine and relies solely on the search terms. Therefore, it is simply imperative to make adjustments in the keywords to make your product appear in the search results. Not to speak of organic search results, your product may not appear for the paid PPC ads if the right keywords are not added. You need to place the right search terms in the product listings and as well as product descriptions to make things happen. You can find some useful search terms by searching for related items in the category you are using on amazon for selling your products. Similarly, you can scroll the competitor’s listings to get some good keywords.

ii.              Do not forget to do the Amazon SEO

It is the age of digital marketing as things have gone digital in the past two decades. Commerce has become eCommerce and shopping has become online shopping. And, SEO has just become a critical element of digital marketing. Digital marketing works with social media marketing but primarily relies on search engine optimization for the proper results. Hence you need to try Amazon SEO when you want to do marketing for your products. It is the only way to appear in the organic search results and to sell more products. And, hence the best BSR.

iii.            Run PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click advertisement is another best option that a fresh seller can try to reach and engage prospective visitors. One can run PPC campaigns to make one’s product appear on top or along with the organic search results. Although you pay for the PPC bids it is worth spending as it will enhance your reach. You can reach buyers and can enhance the chances of selling your products.

iv.            Get better ratings

Getting the best seller’s rank is not an ordinary deal. You will require polishing everything for your product to secure the position in the list of best-sellers. It is vital to get ranking as a seller and for your products to make your product look better on the pages. You can also try fulfillment by the merchant to handle matters like ranking or rating.

v.              Try to get the buy box

It is difficult to get a fresh product but is never impossible. One can secure the “buy box” position by using the fulfillment by Amazon option. Your product will start appearing in the organic search results and will start selling at the best rate.

Difference between organic ranking and BSR

The organic search ranking is the ranking of a product in the organic search results. It relies on its rank against a specific keyword and has none to do with the selling. You need to understand that getting top organic ranking will lead to more sales but it is not a selling ranking at all. The BSR is the only thing that defines the performance of a product based on sales history.