The BSR is an acronym for the Best Sellers Rank, and every product on this massive e-commerce platform has its own, most commonly given after the first purchase is made. The BSR is one of the great pointers of how well a particular product is currently selling on Amazon. Products with lower BSR obtain more sales than products with a high BSR. Calculate BSR with the free IO Scout BSR calculator and use free IO Scout Sales Estimator to calculate the number of sales for a particular product within a specific category, for instance, if your item has BSR #15, it will generate more sales than the product that has #2,000.

But keep on your mind that BSR shows how well your product is being sold within a particular product category, and it doesn’t represent an overall BSR among all products in Amazon’s catalog.

As you may know, many products sell in different categories at the same time, and every sub-category has its own individual BSR system. The same product you listed can have different BSR in different categories.

How is Amazon’s BSR Rank calculated?

It’s not completely clear how Amazon calculates BSR, but several factors can have a positive influence on your product’s BSR.

  • Current and historical sales
  • Product price fluctuations
  • Product promotions
  • Competitive goods

The BSR indicates current sales trends, and historical sales volume, both updated every hour. But if one item has 15 units sold in one hour, but drops down to only one in the next, that doesn’t mean the BSR will drop down right away. Amazon’s BSR algorithm will put on record both sales impetuses.

Where to find the Amazon BSR for a product?

The product’s BSR is located on Amazon’s product page. When you’re searching with your PC or laptop, you will need to go down to the page’s product details. If you’re checking the product’s BSR on your mobile device, you will need to go to the product description section.

What is a good BSR on Amazon?

A good BSR varies from category to category. If a particular BSR is considered good in a Patio, Lawn & Garden category, it might not be so good in Appliances, a category with a lower volume of sales.

When you’re trying to determine whether your product’s BSR is a good one, you need to take into account the number of sales you’re trying to reach daily, weekly, or monthly. Then, shift engineer your BSR for that total of sales.

For instance, if you wish to sell a product within Kitchen & Dining category that has 12 sales per day, you will need to pick a product that has a BSR of 15,000 in that particular category or 330 estimated sales monthly.

IO Scout offers a free Sales Estimator on their website, located in the product section. This free tool from IO Scout is Amazon best sellers rank calculator, and it will help you estimate monthly sales in a specific category based on the product’s BSR. When you calculate the number of sales for a particular product, you will be able to calculate how many sales you need to obtain to reach the desired BSR.

With IO Scout Sales Estimator, you will be able to spy on your rivals, predict your sales, and find profitable categories by understanding how many units an item sells within a specific product category.

If you want to check the top-selling products on Amazon, go to the best selling products page and choose your category. For example, these products are the best selling items in the Pet Supplies category.

How to estimate the number of sales and the BSR?

To calculate the number of sales for a particular product within a specific category with IO Scout Sales Estimator, you will need to:

  • Choose the Amazon FBA Coaching product category for your item.
  • Add product’s BSR.
  • Hit the “Calculate sales” button.
  • IO Scout will generate results within seconds, along with the product that meets your request on Amazon sales rank estimator.
  • If you want to change your category and BSR, simply hit “Calculate sales for another category.”

To determine the BSR you want to achieve, perform similar steps on the “BSR estimator” tab:

  • Pick your product category.
  • Sign in the sales volume you want to reach.
  • Hit the “Calculate BSR” button.
  • You will get the results within seconds together with the product that meets your request.
  • To switch your category and BSR, click on “Calculate BSR for another category.”

How to choose products to sell on Amazon based on their BSR?

  1. Check the product’s of interest BSR
  2. Estimate the average number of sales per month to get a sense of how frequently the product sells.
  3. Determine the cost of selling that particular item. This covers the initial cost you paid for your goods, any related fees, and the price for storing.

For example, you’re choosing between two books, and you’re not sure which one will be more profitable in the long run. The first book, “Poor Charlie’s Almanack,” sells for $59.95 and has a current BSR of #1,942. When you check in the Sales estimator, you will see that this particular book has 540 sales per month, which means the book is sold every hour!

On the other hand, the second book, “The Tomb of Horrors,” is sold on Amazon for $64.99, and you may automatically think that it will draw more profit. But this book has a BSR #1,256,348, which means this piece sells only two to three times a month.

If you choose to go with option number two, you probably won’t obtain any sales in a month, or even longer. The first book is a better option because although it sells with a lower profit margin than book number two, you will obtain much more sales and therefore more profit.