North-East LED Lighting Supplier consolidates warehousing and offices on larger site at Newcastle Airport

North-East LED lighting supplier Amitex LED has moved into new, larger premises after outgrowing two previous sites in Hexham. The company has consolidated its warehousing and offices at a new 9415 sq.ft. site at Newcastle Airport.

Managing Director Alan Morton commented: “We are growing rapidly thanks to the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly LED Lighting. We were very short of office space and our warehousing was spread across two separate sites. These new premises allow us to have everything in one place and to operate far more efficiently. We also have room for further expansion”.

The LED Lighting market is forecast to grow by 15% every year until 2020. Originally driven by a government ban on the sale of energy-guzzling incandescent and halogen  light bulbs, LED has now become the obvious choice for most new lighting projects. Alan Morton explained: “LED lights are extremely energy-efficient and use only a fraction of the electricity consumed by traditional lights. In the past they cost significantly more to buy, but as sales have grown and designs have improved prices have fallen. The cost of replacing lights with LED is quickly recovered by savings of up to 80% on electricity bills. And LED lights last for much longer – typically 3-5 years compared with a year for traditional lights. You can either buy new fittings or replacement bulbs, which match the appearance of traditional bulbs – the weird shapes and slow warm-up times associated with the original energy-saving bulbs are a thing of the past. LED Lighting has finally come of age”.

The LED boom means that the company, which currently has 20 employees, will be taking on extra staff over the next year to support its sales to electrical wholesalers across the UK. It is also starting to sell overseas, with Malta proving to be a successful first venture.

“The UK government has designated the LED Lighting Industry as a strategically important industrial sector because it rewards customers with lower energy bills while helping the government to achieve its carbon emission targets. In Australia the government is so keen to promote LED Lighting that it is giving away free light bulbs. I’m not expecting this to happen in the UK just yet, but I know the market will grow rapidly for some time to come” said Alan Morton.