• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

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Andy Preston comments on yesterday’s unemployment statistics

Teesside businessman and philanthropist, Andy Preston, said: “The drop in unemployment across the country is great news, but here in Teesside the figures still paint a darker picture.

“There is still considerable work to be done to help the section of our community, the long-term unemployed, that doesn’t receive the support needed to make positive change in their lives.

“Those that haven’t been in employment for a long period of time often find it difficult to get back into work, either because they struggle to adjust to the routine of work, or because potential employers look unfavourable at the gap in their employment. This creates a catch 22 situation, trapping individuals in unemployment no matter how hard they try.

“At Fork in the Road in Middlesbrough, skills training and work experience to the long-term unemployed without discriminating against background or previous work history. We need more projects like these to help individuals get back into the swing of work. That way we will not only see a decrease in unemployment, but an increase in quality employment as their careers develop.”

By Emily